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Small Businesses Can Finally Control Their Website and Online Marketing in One Place

Flemington, N.J. (PRESS RELEASE – June 10, 2010) — Technology entrepreneurs Jon Zack and Rick Morrison launch EggZack.com, an online service that makes it simpler for small businesses to reach their customer base on and off the web.

EggZack enables small businesses to simultaneously update their website and online marketing. When a user updates their website, EggZack automatically updates their social media, over 3,000 local publications, search engines, national media, blogs, their email lists and other relevant media. All this is done with EggZack’s One-Click Update.â„¢ In addition, small businesses can instantly see if their marketing information is being read and where, allowing them to see which outlets and websites are best at reaching their customers.

As part of their service, EggZack can provide a custom website, or integrate an existing website, on their content management system so that anybody can easily manage their own website.

“Small businesses often lose their identity in a nation of discount big box stores and online retail,” says EggZack Co-Founder/CEO Jon Zack. “Accordingly, it is important for them to keep their website and online marketing up to date so they can compete. Unfortunately, small businesses often don’t have the time or resources to market themselves across all online and local media. We created EggZack so they can easily promote themselves and actually see the benefits.”

Local New Jersey company Destinations PFC, uses EggZack and has seen a 300% plus increase in visibility. “We have been getting some great exposure. The most fun was when a representative of Nike called us about our successful Nike Grind, a used sneaker collection campaign! We were amazed! That was very cool!” said owner Susan Kibler. www.destinationspfc.com

Co-Founder/CTO Rick Morrison said, “Information portability is key to online marketing. It is not enough for a small business to have just a current website; they need to get their marketing information out to the places where their potential customers are. EggZack does just that.”

With EggZack small businesses can finally take control and manage their website and online marketing in one place.

The company has offices in San Francisco, California and Flemington, New Jersey.

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