Tips for Succeeding in This Economy

Small Business, Big Wins: Innovative Tools to Drive Your Business ForwardIn a recent webinar titled, “Small Business, Big Wins: Innovative Tools to Drive Your Business Forward,” Anita Campbell joined webinar host and Co-Founder of StartupNation, Rich Sloan, and Barbara Corcoran, real estate mogul and Founder of multi-media company Barbara Corcoran, Inc. (Barbara also happened to have a key role in the ABC reality show for aspiring entrepreneurs, Shark Tank.)

Together they participated in a roundtable discussion on how to leverage the opportunities that this economy is providing (Yes, I said “opportunities” . . . many exist during an economic downturn).  The panel discussed  how you can take the challenges and obstacles standing in your way and use them to propel your business forward through innovation, quick thinking – and maybe even a bit of risk taking.

So how on earth do you begin to do that, you ask? Well, here are just a few examples of success strategy tips that you can start with from the webinar discussion:

“Wise use of technology can give you expansion capacity without increasing your expense burden greatly.” ~ Anita Campbell

Experiment with technology.  The cost of technology has come down, and there’s a lot of it out there that can help you to increase productivity.  You can expand the number of new customers you bring on, without necessarily adding employees right away — keeping your costs low.   Your goal – a lot of experimentation and then mastery of only the technology that is most useful to you.

“When the big companies are cutting back and lying low, that’s the best time for the little guy to move ahead.” ~ Barbara Corcoran

Big companies have “pecking orders” to approve change and this takes time.  Timing is crucial and the little guy doesn’t have the hierarchy and red tape that large corporations and big businesses do.  This is your advantage as an entrepreneur or small business owner.  Free yourself to take a risk, be nimble, move quickly – and then take a deep breath and a giant leap forward.

Think you and your small business can’t do it?  Think again and remember, as Barbara says, “The big guy might have the corner on money, but the little guy always has the corner on creativity.” Use that creativity of yours and don’t be afraid to take a risk every now and then.  Experimentation is key.  Some risks may not pay, but some may . . . and when a risk pays, it usually pays BIG.  Just ask Barbara – she landed a front page article in the real estate section of the New York Times when she took a risk and filled a “silence” with something that caused a commotion. Barbara took yet another risk a little further on down the line – and landed Richard Gere as a client.

You can catch the archived webinar even if you couldn’t participate in the event live.

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Staci Wood After being a 20+ year member of "the rat race," Staci traded in her office, opted out, and joined the virtual world and the Small Business Trends community. Staci is the Chief Operations Officer for Small Business Trends, LLC and has 18 years of experience with the company. She is responsible for client relations, marketing and branding, web page development and user experience.

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  1. Martin Lindeskog

    I enjoyed the webinar very much. Barbara Corcoran showed plenty of positive energy during the webinar. Rich Sloan asked thoughtful questions and Anita Campbell came up with useful tips.

  2. Great article, but my question is when do you fine “the little guys” if you’re looking for a place to work ex. what’s the best job board that no one knows about?