Boise Firm Develops Integrated Mobile Rewards and Point-of-Sale Capture Solution for SMB Market

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Idaho (PRESS RELEASE – July 7, 2010) — Targeting, measuring, and rewarding customers with mobile social marketing offers just got easier with some help from Connexsus Rewards(TM), Indiplex Media’s mobile rewards platform, which targets and tracks customer-specific incentives from businesses with capture-ready offers and affordable point-of-sale hardware.

“Indiplex Media’s new solution makes customer affinity programs manageable and results-driven,” notes Nathan Wyatt, local owner and manager of RelyLocal. “Small businesses can actually build customer loyalty by distributing specific incentives to specific customers or groups of customers via smartphone or web. The ability to target, capture, monitor, and manage incentives based on actual purchase behavior is really compelling.”

The Indiplex Media software solution lets businesses target customers through rewards program membership and unique, customer offers for both mobile and web-based users. Rewards program users can also gift special offers and cash value cards to other member users directly from their smartphone. “The Connexsus Rewards(TM) mobile marketing application brings the power of an approachable, end-to-end solution to the SMB market,” noted Dion Eusepi, owner of Indiplex Media. “Traditional approaches to rewards marketing don’t effectively enable complete tracking and measurement of rewards against actual purchase behavior. The ability to do this and reach mobile and web users strategically and affordably can really empower small businesses.”

The solution’s mobile component supports all major smartphones, including the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry platforms. The solution’s web-based component lets business owners reach a broader user demographic with the same trackable, point-of-sale features for web-based print offers. For small business owners and social media solution consultants, Connexsus Rewards(TM) offers an inexpensive approach to build and manage customer affinity with direct rewards-driven interaction that can be managed and measured over time.

RelyLocal ( provides business networking support, web directory services, SEO-SEM integration, and social media solution consulting exclusively to locally owned, independent businesses.

Indiplex Media (, an innovator in cross-platform, marketing solutions for mobility devices, designed and developed the Connexsus(TM) mobility suite which features cross-platform, mobility management tools for marketing.

Businesses interested in using Connexsus Rewards(TM) to manage mobile or web-based customer incentive programs for their products and services can visit or contact

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