Businesses Turn to TRUSTe’s Highly-Recognized Web Privacy Seal For Online Lead Generation

San Francisco (PRESS RELEASE – July 27, 2010) – TRUSTe, provider of the leading online privacy trustmark, today announced that companies across multiple vertical industries are increasingly adopting its highly-recognized privacy seal for broader usage in online lead generation, customer inquiry and registration forms. The use of the TRUSTe Web Privacy Seal on these forms has revealed a substantial jump in conversion rates and lead quality, as validated through independent testing.

“TRUSTe’s goal is to accelerate online trust, regardless of the environment or platform,” said Chris Babel, CEO of TRUSTe. “Having our privacy trustmark visible on lead generation forms gives businesses another opportunity to reassure consumers that their personal information will be handled responsibly, which in turn compels them to supply complete and accurate information.”

Online customer acquisition depends on overcoming consumer hesitation to provide detailed information on lead generation forms. When forms fail to foster trust, users often give inaccurate information or abandon the form altogether, resulting in a lost lead and lost traffic acquisition dollars. The extension of the TRUSTe Web Privacy Seal gives consumers an extra level of privacy assurance for online purchases and information disclosure, facilitating form completion and more accurate data.

By Building Trust, TRUSTe Web Privacy Seal Increases Customer Conversions for Dealix

Dealix, the largest provider of Internet leads to automotive dealers, chose TRUSTe as an additional way to further reassure and build online trust for its users, encouraging them to submit authentic, complete lead information. Once TRUSTe verified that Dealix met its privacy seal standards, Dealix placed the TRUSTe Web Privacy Seal at the end of a lead funnel. In less than thirty days, the TRUSTe seal had increased the company’s lead conversion by seven percent, providing a significant impact on the company’s revenue.

“A seven percent increase in conversion is not easy to come by,” said Anna Zornosa, General Manager, Dealix and Executive Vice President of the Cobalt Group, parent company of Dealix. “We would confidently recommend submitting sites for TRUSTe privacy certification to establish the trust shoppers need to complete their lead funnels.”

TRUSTe Web Privacy Seal Brings ROI to Businesses Across the Board

TRUSTe partnered with Amadesa, an independent provider of content testing and personalization solutions to increase conversions and engagement, to further measure the impact of using the TRUST Web Privacy Seal on lead generation forms and other transaction spaces. Amadesa’s A/B testing on more than 50 properties across a broad set of verticals, amounting to 30 million impressions and 500,000 conversions, resulted in consistent lift as a result of the TRUSTe seal placements.

Other client findings from various testing platforms included:

* 9% boost in registrations (educational lead generator);
* 26% increase in monthly site registrations (international airline);
* $1 million estimated increase in annual revenue from online applications (auto loan service);
* 5% conversion increase on submitted applications (auto loan service).

TRUSTe to Expand Web Privacy Services to Lead Generation Forms with TRUSTed Leads

To help businesses further leverage these opportunities and to ensure the highest level of consumer privacy protection, TRUSTe is creating a new solution – TRUSTed Leads – to enhance use of its Web Privacy Seal for lead generators, lead aggregators and lead buyers.

As with all TRUSTe services, qualification starts with meeting the rigorous requirements of the TRUSTe Web Privacy Seal Program that requires, for example, an accurate and comprehensive privacy policy and the opportunity for consumers to exercise choice regarding the sharing of their personal information with third parties for marketing purposes. TRUSTe plans to work with all relevant industry leaders to develop additional standards designed to engender trust and protect consumers from potential abuses – ensuring that they enjoy the benefits of transparency, accountability and choice when presented with legitimate lead forms.

About TRUSTe

Thousands of companies rely on TRUSTe’s leading privacy trustmark to enhance consumer trust, drive increased registrations and transactions, and comply with complex privacy requirements. Consumers know that when they see the TRUSTe seal they can “Click with Confidence” because the certified website is responsible with their personal information. TRUSTe has certified more than 40 percent of the top fifty websites including Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, eBay, AOL, Adobe, AT&T, Comcast, Disney,, Apple, LinkedIn, Web MD, and Yelp. TRUSTe also certifies many of the top advertising and technology service providers for websites. For additional information on TRUSTe and its services, please visit

About Amadesa

Amadesa is the first company to deliver a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution focused on delivering a dynamic Web site of one through personalization and automated content delivery. The Amadesa Customer Experience Suite™ offers end-to-end testing and personalization products to help online businesses maximize revenues, enhance customer engagement, increase conversions and improve marketing ROI. Learn more at

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