Reviews Help Small Business Stay Current With Customers Says RatePoint

Needham, Massachusetts (PRESS RELEASE – July 24, 2010) — Relectric Inc., a national supplier of new, reconditioned and obsolete circuit breakers, electrical distribution and control equipment, reports that customer satisfaction and new customer acquisition are on the rise, in part due to RatePoint Inc. With more than 628 reviews, Relectric has an 89 percent success rate resolving issues brought to their attention through RatePoint, a leading provider of customer reviews, testimonials and online reputation management services.

Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., Relectric has 40 employees throughout the US and sells to commercial electrical distributors as well as consumers. Relectric owner Anthony Robinson understands the value of reviews and wanted a service to publish online as a competitive differentiator and to increase brand visibility when he found RatePoint. Now, Relectric has the ability to proactively request and address feedback as well as dialogue with customers to engage in a mutually-beneficial discussion, instead of finding reviews on third-party complaint sites without a means to connect with the customer.

With more than 628 reviews to date, Relectric has increased its customers base by embracing the benefits of customer reviews. It also gives the company an opportunity to look at business processes and customer issues that can easily be corrected.

“We know customers are going to have problems, so we want to collect, address and use this feedback to improve our business. RatePoint has allowed us to do that,” Robinson said. “It really affects how we do business and present ourselves online.”

Relectric now has a better relationship and insights into the customer experience as a result of proactively managing the negative and bolstering the positive through RatePoint.

“Letting your customers know you are listening is essential step for reputation management,” said RatePoint Co-Founder and CEO Neal Creighton. “With social marketing and real-time customer feedback, businesses can’t afford not to engage with their customers. It’s become a key qualifier for customers considering whether or not to do business with a company.”

About RatePoint Inc.

RatePoint Inc., the leading provider of customer reviews, testimonials and online reputation management services, helps businesses protect and build their online reputation, allowing businesses to harness the power of credible customer feedback and leverage it into a sales, marketing and customer service asset.

RatePoint’s easy-to-use, Web-based communication services include customer feedback tools to collect business reviews and product reviews as well as email marketing, survey and dispute resolution capabilities to provide small- and medium-sized businesses with the ability to collect, manage and promote customer feedback directly from their Web site. For more information, contact us at: 888-777-1636 or visit:

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