Acquisition of Auctiva to Increase Profit Margins for U.S. E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

Hong Kong (PRESS RELEASE – August 27, 2010) – (HKSE: 1688.HK) (HK.1688), the world’s leading e-commerce company for small business, has entered into an agreement to acquire Auctiva, the leading third-party developer of tools for eBay (EBAY 22.73, -0.43, -1.86%) sellers. With more than 170,000 active users, Auctiva provides a variety of listing, marketing and management tools as well as image hosting and online storefronts that make it easy for small businesses to sell successfully via e-commerce on sites like eBay.

The acquisition of Auctiva, as well as’s purchase of Vendio in June, combined with’s strength in sourcing, will create a significant source of tools and resources for U.S. small businesses looking to leverage e-commerce. The combination of both the Auctiva and Vendio acquisitions brings more than 250,000 new customers to the family of products, and significantly expands the size of’s U.S. operations.

Through its recent acquisitions, is building the world’s first global e-commerce supply chain. This end-to-end network connecting manufacturers and wholesalers with e-tailers and consumers will allow small businesses to easily source from suppliers all over the world, then conveniently manage and sell those products through popular online channels like eBay and Amazon (AMZN 124.51, -0.35, -0.28%) , their own online storefronts and more.

“Time and money are the two most important things to me as a small business owner,” said Don Pinard, owner of, an Auctiva and AliExpress customer. “I spend a lot of time online looking for products I can sell. I used to use liquidation sites, but AliExpress is much better, and more reliable. If I can trim the cost of purchasing items by just 7% that will cover all store fees and shipping costs, which will really increase my profit.”

The online merchants who use both Auctiva and Vendio will have direct access to almost 1.5 million supplier storefronts on’s sourcing platform and AliExpress (, a wholesale transaction platform operated by This new connection from supplier to online merchant represents significant potential cost savings to customers. By sourcing their products directly from the manufacturer, reducing travel and taking advantage of global markets, hopes to help small merchants increase their profit margin in the long term. For example, a jewelry retailer can sell a silver bracelet with black agate stones for US$12 on eBay and make a profit of US$7.09 if he/she originally purchased their inventory on AliExpress for US$4.91 per piece. These savings combined with the additional efficiencies of sourcing online will represent significant savings for the average online merchant.

With the acquisition, Auctiva’s platform will be integrated with AliExpress, allowing Auctiva users to connect to AliExpress via a tab on the Auctiva Web-based platform. This will enable customers to easily search for suppliers, acquire merchandise and list those products on eBay through their Auctiva accounts. Exclusive promotions and special deals on AliExpress products will be available to Auctiva users.

“Small online retailers are just starting to see how they can use international sourcing to their advantage, and we have seen the significant opportunity through customer reaction to our initial integration with Vendio,” said David Wei, chief executive officer of “Many small business owners never even thought that they would be able to source their products from overseas, as they didn’t have the staff or technological resources to do so. We are bringing both sides of the equation together to make international sourcing as easy as possible for any business.”

“Our mission has always been to help users sell more successfully online, particularly through the eBay channel,” said Jeff Schlicht, founder and CEO of Auctiva. “With more than 10,000 new users joining Auctiva each month, we are constantly looking for new ways to serve our customers and drive value for them. Joining and connecting our buyers to the vast supplier base on and is the perfect way to help them grow and thrive in an increasingly competitive environment.”

The acquisition closed on Aug. 18, 2010, and is part of the US$100 million investment plan for AliExpress that announced in April 2010. Auctiva will operate as a new business unit within and will retain its own brand name and operations.

Rothschild was the financial adviser to for this transaction and Morgan Joseph was the adviser to Auctiva for this transaction. Financial terms were not disclosed.

About Limited (HK:1688 14.80, -0.08, -0.54%) (1688.HK) is the global leader in e-commerce for small businesses and the flagship company of Alibaba Group. Founded in 1999 in Hangzhou, China, makes it easy for millions of buyers and suppliers around the world to do business online through three marketplaces: a global trade platform ( for importers and exporters; a Chinese platform ( for domestic trade in China; and, through an associated company, a Japanese platform ( facilitating trade to and from Japan. In addition, offers a wholesale platform on the global site ( geared for smaller buyers seeking fast shipment of small quantities of goods. Together, these marketplaces form a community of more than 53 million registered users in more than 240 countries and regions. also offers business management software and Internet infrastructure services targeting businesses across China, and provides educational services to incubate enterprise management and e-commerce professionals. has offices in more than 60 cities across Greater China, Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States.

About Auctiva

Auctiva is the most popular third-party developer of tools for eBay sellers. Founded in 1998, Auctiva gives independent sellers the power of large corporations by helping them build their brands, market their products, save money, manage sales and buyer relationships, and increase their selling efficiency. The company’s software offers a wide array of listing, marketing and management tools, as well as image hosting. For more information, visit Auctiva also owns and operates Auctiva Commerce, the company’s full-featured online storefront product, and, an online cashback rebate loyalty program.

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  1. Alibaba slowly (but effectively) become the best powerful portal in Asia. Buyers from the whole world are looking on Chinese goods with their help. And getting cooperated together with Auctivia – just one more serious step to grow the business. Every year people witness about increasing confidence to Alibaba. Many talented and successful buyers also spread the good word about their manner of using Alibaba in business.

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