CEO of Janison: SuccessFactors Drives Everyday Business Execution

Sydney, Australia (PRESS RELEASE – August 28, 2010) – SuccessFactors, Inc. (Nasdaq: SFSF) announced that Janison, a leader in innovative e-learning software, has implemented SuccessFactors’ small business offering, Professional Edition (PE), to drive everyday execution, automate its workforce and enable full transparency into how the organization performs across its entire population.

“The automation and customization that SuccessFactors provides for Janison has taken our employee performance management to a new level while engaging all our employees and managers in the process. SuccessFactors is accelerating our entire organization forward,” said Wayne Houlden, CEO of Janison. “The SuccessFactors team was incredibly responsive and accommodating in working with Janison to meet our specific requests, and we’ll continue to look at ways to evolve our partnership with SuccessFactors going forward.”

Janison is an Australian-owned and developed company headquartered in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia. Their flagship product, Janison LMS, is an innovative and powerful component-based learning management system incorporating all the tools developers need to quickly design, author and manage all aspects of the online e-learning environment.

Before selecting SuccessFactors Business Execution (BizX) Software Suite, Janison used manual paper-based processes to compile and maintain its performance management plans, which proved overly labor-intensive and inefficient. The company has solved a number of pain points by leveraging SuccessFactors’ Professional Edition to cascade goals and monitor progress throughout the organization in order to maximize productivity, as well as provide executives complete visibility into the organization’s workforce. Further, SuccessFactors enables Janison to identify and fill skill gaps across all divisions, as well as implement supplementary training opportunities in order to improve engagement and establish career trajectories within the company.

“Small businesses experience similar pain points as their enterprise counterparts, yet sometimes lack the internal IT and human resources bandwidth or expertise to quickly put strong performance and talent management processes in place. Janison is a prime example of how companies of any size can benefit from SuccessFactors,” said Tim Holloway, regional director of Australia and New Zealand, SuccessFactors. “In adhering to our vision of making people and companies significantly more productive, we’re committed to providing powerful solutions flexible enough to implement and translate into immediate benefits no matter the size of the organization.”

Designed specifically for small and mid-sized organizations, SuccessFactors provides the same insights and expertise relied upon by large enterprise customers tailored to the specific needs of SMB companies. The on-demand architecture of SuccessFactors’ BizX Suite enables SMBs to implement the technology within hours and without the need for extensive IT support. Further, the easy-to-use, cost-effective Web-based solution suite also allows companies to add users and functionality when needed to meet a company’s growing needs.

About Janison

Janison’s mission is in helping organizations gain competitive advantage by building capability and capacity through the use of their products and services. Their staff has a wealth of experience in the development of online systems, the management of projects, the creation of educational resources, the delivery of various training models as educators and the provision and support of network infrastructure. They have a strong segment networks and an intimate knowledge of the needs of the market in which they operate. To learn more, visit:

About SuccessFactors, Inc.

SuccessFactors is the global leader in Business Execution Software. The SuccessFactors Business Execution (BizX) Suite, which is delivered through the cloud, improves business alignment, team execution and people performance to improve results for companies of all sizes. Across 168 countries and 34 languages, more than 8 million users and 3,000 companies leverage SuccessFactors every day, up from approximately 300,000 users and 100 companies in 2003. BizX bridges the gap between strategy and success by allowing every person in an organization to execute against their goals better and faster. SuccessFactors’ recent acquisitions of Inform and CubeTree supplement SuccessFactors’ core BizX strategy with integrated solutions that directly align with SuccessFactors’ mission of helping companies get work done by delivering robust business insights and improved collaboration. To learn more, visit:

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