Indy-Based Ad Firm, The Heavyweights, Launches New ‘Social Move’ Product

Indianapolis (PRESS RELEASE – August 23, 2010) – THE HEAVYWEIGHTS is launching Social Move, a 60-day program to help organizations create a social media program that’s proven to increase sales, profits and reputations. Clients of this program include Roche Diagnostics, Indiana University Office of Economic Development & Engagement and Aiming Higher (Indiana Governor Mitch Daniel’s endorsed PAC).

“Turning social media into social commerce is something we believe in and teach others how to do with Social Move,” said John Luginbill, President and Founder of The Heavyweights. “Our strength is providing the framework, so that even if you aren’t involved in social media, we can get you where you want to be. It’s about laying the foundation and making this part of your routine.”

Social Move is based on three principles:

Automated: Social Move clients learn how to manage their social media efforts efficiently and easily. The automation feature of this program keeps it simple to start and maintain.

Comprehensive: The Heavyweights kick-off the program with a strategic planning session, helping clients identify the message and voice; the unified message online and offline gives clients greater confidence in their strategies.

Focus on ROI: Social Move is based on the premise that social media is only worthwhile if there’s a clear opportunity for return on investment (ROI). From planning to implementation, this program helps clients shine by focusing on end goals.

As part of the launch, THE HEAVYWEIGHTS will host three industry-focused webinars on Tuesday, September 21, 2010. Webinars are free, but registration is required:
Healthcare: Social Media Breaking Ground @ 11am EDST, 9/21/10
Small to Medium-Sized Business: The Social Move Opportunity @ Noon EDST, 9/21/10
Non-Profits: Achieving Missions Through Social Media @ 1pm EDST, 9/21/10

Recent Social Move clients represent the range of organizations that can benefit from social media. “The Heavyweights educated us, helped us develop smart strategies and pulled together a full roadmap to deploy, which is having an impact,” said Jim Lefevere, Global Group Manager at Roche Diagnostics.

“As someone who was new to social media, I found the Heavyweights to be a great partner. They helped us go from concept to launch on an expedited schedule, and we would not have been able to do it without them,” said Brian McGrath, Executive Director of Aiming Higher, whose organization recently launched their social media campaign on “Social Move helps you define what you really want to accomplish, and the Heavyweights team makes it happen by setting goals and objectives and helping you stick to them.”

“In this age, online communication is one of the most effective tools for connecting ideas and people in different parts of the state and around the globe, said Rebecca Carl, Director of Operations, Planning, and Communications for IU’s Office of Economic Development & Engagement. “The Heavyweights understand our mission, and they act as an extension of our team when designing social media platforms that will ultimately broaden our audience and increase our reach.” As to why social media is important for organizations, Luginbill said, “It’s important for companies to engage in social media, because while the technology or applications we use may change, the shift in how people communicate is here to stay.”

About The Heavyweights

THE HEAVYWEIGHTS is an advertising, marketing/communications firm with a national reputation for helping companies get unstuck. Founded in 1991 and based in Indianapolis, THE HEAVYWEIGHTS have successfully moved their clients’ brands forward. THE HEAVYWEIGHTS are currently working with or have recently completed projects with some of America’s greatest brands like: Procter&Gamble, Clarian Health, Wal*Mart, Thomas English Muffins, McDonald’s, Nike, Eli Lilly and Co, and many more.

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