Yell Adopts LiveLOOK’s Co-Browsing Technology

Matawan, New Jersey (PRESS RELEASE – August 25, 2010) – Yell, a leading international directories business, has recently adopted LiveLOOK Inc’s LiveLOOK Co-browsing technology to aid its UK telesales consultations. LiveLOOK provides companies such as Yell with simple and effective customer service solutions that allow telesales consultants to joint-navigate the internet and screen-share with potential clients. Yell is using LiveLOOK Presenter in the UK, a product that allows its telesales consultants to show their screens to advertisers and provide live help. Mike Andrew, project manager at Yell in the UK said, “Yell has chosen LiveLOOK’s screen sharing tool as part of our commitment to the use of new technology to make the sales process simpler and more efficient.” Yell is using LiveLOOK services in telesales centers in its offices in cities throughout the UK.

Yell derives revenue from business advertisements, making it crucial that ads are approved and negotiated in a timely manner. The introduction of LiveLOOK’s Presenter assists also Yell’s telesales consultants to demonstrate live the real benefits of advertising with Yell. Advertisers can see internet products in action which greatly increases understanding. Layouts and artwork can also be shown and agreed during the call. This technology, according to LiveLOOK Executive Vice President, Linda Ziemba, “can be easily integrated with any user interface to move screen sharing from its traditional role as a meeting and support tool to a spontaneous, assisted selling tool.”

The process allows Yell telesales consultants to produce an electronic version of an advertisement on their screens, to literally show advertisers the potential layout. How it works is simple. The Yell consultant clicks “show your screen” on the customer service website,, generating a code which they relay to the customer on the phone line. The customer then clicks “see a screen,” on the same website and enters the code. Within seconds and without any downloads or delays, the two are seeing the same image.

Unlike other solutions, Presenter allows consultants to actively show their screen to a customer without requiring any executable software on either the consultant’s or the customer’s computer. User-friendly and fast, Presenter is distinct from other products in the simplicity of its interface: it runs completely in the browser, based on Java and html.

About LiveLOOK

Founded in 2007, LiveLOOK, Inc., is a leading provider of live online help and customer interaction tools that enable companies to use Sales 2.0 tactics to meet customers’ changing communication needs. LiveLOOK products establish instant visual connections between customers and sales/service staff to allow representatives to view customers’ screens or customers to view representatives’ screens in real time. , LiveLOOK is a registered trademark of LiveLOOK, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

About Yell

Yell is a leading international directories business operating in classified advertising markets in the UK, US, Spain and Latin America through printed, online and telephone-based media. Yell’s principal brands include: in the UK, Yellow Pages, and 118 24 7; in the US, Yellowbook and; and in Spain, Paginas Amarillas and All these brands are trademarks.

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