GreenFlag Accelerator Offers Businesses Cash Flow Stimulus Program

Santa Rosa, California (PRESS RELEASE – September 12, 2010) –  Transworld Systems recently introduced GreenFlag Accelerator, a new service that stimulates cash flow by systematically following up on early stage past due accounts. GreenFlag Accelerator provides businesses and healthcare providers with the ability to send reminder letters and make initial reminder calls in their own name before the account is sent to collections. This results in invoices being paid faster and valuable customer and patient relationships being retained. This innovative new service brings the benefits of a sophisticated outsourcing program, typically only available to very large organizations, to businesses and healthcare providers of all sizes.

GreenFlag Accelerator adds to the suite of cash flow and accounts receivable management services Transworld Systems’ offers to its clients. Clients can use GreenFlag Accelerator for accounts as early as one day past due and if needed, then take advantage of the GreenFlag Profit Recovery service for accounts at 60-120 days past due and Transworld Systems Collections for older, hard to collect accounts. Through its established and ever expanding suite of services, Transworld Systems offers businesses and healthcare providers of all sizes multiple solutions for their cash flow and accounts receivable management needs.

“Our clients asked us to provide a solution that allows them to systematically follow up on their very early stage past due accounts in a way that stimulates cash flow while retaining their valuable customer and patient relationships,” said Ken Eissing, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Transworld Systems. “By bringing the benefits of sophisticated outsourcing programs to businesses and healthcare providers of all sizes, GreenFlag Accelerator enables any size organization to enjoy a systematic and sophisticated early stage delinquency management solution.”

“We couldn’t be happier with the initial response to GreenFlag Accelerator,” says Eissing. “Our clients are telling us GreenFlag Accelerator is what they were looking for. We’re excited to be able to provide another new valuable service to our clients.”

For more information on Transworld Systems’ GreenFlag Accelerator service, visit the website at

About Transworld Systems Inc.

Transworld Systems Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of NCO Group, Inc., is an industry leader in cash flow management and profit recovery with headquarters in Santa Rosa, CA, and more than 100 offices throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Transworld and its service brands GreenFlag Accelerator and GreenFlag Profit Recovery have been serving the Accounts Receivable needs of small to medium sized businesses with better tools for increasing cash flow, accelerating payments, recovering bad debt and recovering past due accounts. Transworld has recovered $2.4 billion over the past 5 years for more than 60,000 clients. For more information, call 1.888.446.4733 or visit

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