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Imaneed.com Delivers a Mobile Community for the Exchange of Help, Goods, and Services

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Boca Raton (PRESS RELEASE – September 10, 2010) – In any economy, but particularly during uncertain times, it’s important for members of a community to cooperate and help each other out. With the launch of Imaneed.com, your local neighbor-to-neighbor network for exchanging goods and services, never worry again about searching countless hours for what you need on the internet.

Imaneed.com, a free web-service that works with your mobile phone via text messages or the web, allows any user to post and receive requests for help and classified listings from individuals in their local area. Imaneed.com connects people in real-time by allowing users to send text requests to 954-876-4128 with a specific item or service they’re looking for. The message then gets distributed to individuals in the local community and users can call to respond to those requests. For safety and security purposes, neither party will have access to the others phone number.

“Imaneed.com encourages not only the exchange of goods and services, but also encourages social cooperation in the community,” said Matt Lally, founder and creator of Imaneed.com. “It’s a neighbor-to-neighbor network – people helping people. Help can come in any form – sell tickets, get help building a web site, find a local handyman, you name it and Imaneed.com connects you to a network that’s willing to help.”

An added benefit of Imaneed.com is, once you’ve texted your request to 954-876-4128, it gets posted to Imaneed.com and is syndicated across several web-based services to garner the most attention. When individuals respond to your request, Imaneed.com connects both parties to discuss what you’re looking for. One of the most important features is neither party will have access to the other’s phone number, unless one party deliberately discloses it over the phone.

Think of Imaneed.com as Aardvark, but for action. If you’re willing to lend a hand or have a special area of expertise, you simply pick terms that describe the services or product that you can offer. For example, if you are willing to help out with tutoring math, you might choose “math tutor, grades, help in school,” as keywords. Whenever a request is sent to Imaneed.com containing those phrases, the individual is notified by text alert and can then choose to call the sender back.

About Imaneed.com

Imaneed.com is a quick, free, safe, local service for mobile phone users that connect individuals-to-individuals safely and securely in the local community. To use the service simply text a request under 140 characters to 954-876-4128 and wait for a phone call back. For more information, visit www.Imaneed.com or on Twitter@Imaneed.

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