mBLAST Launches Free Media Tool to Help Marketers Reach the Influencers That Matter Most

Atlanta, Georgia (PRESS RELEASE – September 28, 2010) – mBLAST, Inc., the applications provider improving the way marketing works, is reinventing the traditional media list service with the launch of MediaSync. The free online tool helps marketers and PR professionals answer the essential questions: Who are the key Influencers in my market, what are their main areas of interest, and how do I better work with them?

MediaSync users can stay on top of relevant editorial calendars, find current and future media opportunities, and create targeted media lists comprised of the key bloggers and journalists active in any particular market or area of interest by searching the actual topics covered in their writing over the past year.

This topic-based approach to researching the media offers greater nuance and granularity compared with broadly descriptive ‘beats’ typically used with other list services. As a result, marketers can better hone in on a reporter’s main area(s) of interest — for instance, search for bloggers currently writing about ‘4G LTE’ or ‘BP oil spill’ instead of vaguer terms like ‘mobile’ or ‘environment’. And in seconds, users can browse a journalist’s entire clip file to truly understand both historical and current focus. mBLAST uses a source database of over 9 million articles and blogs and is mining Terabytes daily for new topic information for their users.

MediaSync is 100% free for all users, reflecting the company’s belief that traditional list services have become commoditized in the digital age of Google and social networks.

As mBLAST CEO Gary Lee explained, “Considering a reporter’s basic contact information of email address and phone number is readily available on the Web today, we believe that charging for this data has run its course. We decided to set these media lists free and open up their use to PR agencies, brand marketers, DIY/small business owners and anyone else who wants to reach the key Influencers in their market by researching what they are actually writing about, and using that topical information to create and maintain their own media lists of key Influencers to engage with through their marketing activities.”

MediaSync offers access to over 500,000 media contacts at launch and will be increasing this number weekly. While this figure may be initially less than the databases of fee-based list services, MediaSync is designed for a new style of marketing that values true engagement with those select Influencers shaping a market, rather than the old method of blasting press releases to hundreds, or thousands, of less than relevant targets.

For immediate access to the free MediaSync service, register today at http://www.mediasynconline.com to begin identifying the right reporters, editors, publishers and bloggers that are following and impacting your market, and setup your own media lists to use in your marketing activities. There are no limits on searches or contact fees, and there are never hidden charges.

MediaSync is one of several applications developed by mBLAST to help marketing professionals streamline their efforts, find the information they need and get better results. For more information about MediaSync, please visit http://www.mediasynconline.com — or email us at mediasync@mblast.com.

About mBLAST
mBLAST is improving the way marketing works with its cloud-based solutions for Marketers, PR professionals and Influencers. The company’s applications enable better collaboration between marketing professionals and market Influencers – those individuals who through their online writing, social media activity, awards and events shape what potential buyers think about a company and their products and services. The company’s client base includes top Influencers in the world from companies like PR News, PR Week, Folio Magazine, the Consumer Electronics Association and others, and tens of thousands of marketing and PR professionals working at some of the largest PR agencies, Fortune 100 companies and small to medium sized businesses and agencies. mBLAST is a global company headquartered in Atlanta, GA, with sales and development teams around the world.

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