Online Calculator Computes Numerical Data for Health Care Reform Small Businesses’ Tax Credit Filings

Mechanicsburg, Philadelphia (September 6, 2010) – The Small Business Tax Credit Calculator, in production for the last three months, has just been launched by Tax Credits, LLC at The calculator computes specific, complete, and actual numerical data needed for qualifying small businesses to use in filing tax returns to take advantage of the Small Business Tax Credit (SBTC) created by the new Health Care Reform legislation called The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Use of the patent-pending calculator, built through thousands of hours of combined research and development by health benefits experts, accountants, attorneys and programmers, enables small businesses, accountants, tax preparers, payroll administrators and benefits professionals to calculate exact Health Care Tax Reform tax credit data simply, safely, securely, and accurately, eliminating the cost, time, and frustration involved in deciphering the complexities and definitions of the new reform legislation. The 100% guaranteed calculations, not estimations, are computed through detailed algorithms based on twenty-plus variables per employee, comparison of hours, days or weeks worked to calculate FTE’s and best options, a company’s specific health care components, required variances, state domicile premiums, and up-to-the-minute legislation requirements provided by HHS. Any additional clarifications or regulations issued by HHS will automatically be updated in the calculator’s programming, enabling users to simply update their data prior to filing 2010 tax returns.

Regarding the Small Business Tax Credit Calculator, John J. Robbins, a practicing CPA prior to his current position as President & CEO of DataPath, Inc., an industry leader in development of software solutions for the employee benefits arena, states, “The team at Tax Credits, LLC has taken a very complex issue and distilled it down into a portal solution that is completely inclusive of all aspects and considerations confronting the small employer advisor or small business owner. The Calculator is comprehensive, instructive, and accurate. Do not use an estimator when you can calculate the correct numbers.”

The calculator can be used by individual small business owners or multi-client professionals as it offers a defaulted Excel template for Multi-Licensees for ease in communications and data completion with small business clients eligible for the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit. Introductory pricing for the use of the calculator ranges from $29.95 for a Single Company License allowing a small business owner to calculate their tax data to $595.95 for a Multi-Company License which allows for the calculation of multiple returns by one user. Additional user agreements can be explored by contacting Tax Credits, LLC. Upon examination and the running of client data, Robert DiSerafino, CPA, of Paoli, PA-based DiSerafino Quinn & Co., LLC, described the Small Business Tax Credit Calculator as “a comprehensive, time-saving, income-generating tool for use by accountants and small businesses alleviating the complicated gathering of employee benefit data.”

About Tax Credits, LLC:

Tax Credits, LLC, based in Mechanicsburg, PA, represents, manages and markets the Small Business Tax Credit Calculator created in cooperation with Tekmark Global Solutions, LLC. Timothy J. Morrison, President of Benefit Design Specialties, Inc. and Founder of Tax Credits, LLC, spearheaded development of the Small Business Tax Credit Calculator to engage and share his expertise in the health care arena gained over the last 24 years of servicing over 300 small businesses as a health care broker, employee benefit product and plan consultant and in-house benefit administrator.

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