Planning Software Offers New Compatibility Features in Latest Release

La Habra, California (PRESS RELEASE  – September 7, 2010) – Project planning software, Project Plan, offers features for Microsoft Project compatibility in its latest release.

Project Plan Ltd. announced today the latest release of its popular and easy to use desktop project plan software tool, Project Plan. The latest release of this product offers easy to use compatibility features with Microsoft Project.

“We understand that Microsoft Project has basically set the bar in the project management software industry,” states Jason Westland, president and CEO of Project Plan Ltd. “So it is definitely in our best interest – and our customers’ best interest – to make sure that our product interacts fully and easily with MS Project. In fact, Project Plan is the only software in the world that allows you to both open MS Project files and save MS Project file formats from right within the software. It can’t be any simpler than that.”

Project managers worried about frustrating team members, executive management, or customers with incompatible files won’t have to worry any longer. Project Plan is completely compatible with MS Project – it is the only software available that will allow users to open MS Project files, edit them, and then save them again as MS Project files seamlessly. It can’t get any more compatible than that. No import or export issues just open, edit, and save.

Project Plan has seen solid 10% year of year growth and now counts more than 10,000 users worldwide. Parent company Project Plan Ltd. is still relatively small – only 30 employees located in three different countries. But that also means they never ignore what their growing user base is telling them because they truly care about what matters to the project managers they are trying to serve.

“We have a solid and growing user base,” says Westland. “We feel that it’s important that we stay connected to them and listen to their needs. Their feedback and input contribute to each and every subsequent software version release that we put out for Project Plan. It’s their product – we’re just trying to help them do their jobs better.”

Project Plan is very popular with the small to medium sized business niche. Ease of use and low cost is often cited by those companies as reasons for their switch to Project Plan as they look to keep overhead to a minimum in the form of software purchases and training. Indeed, ease of use translates to a shorter ramp up timeframe for productivity and ultimately the need for basically no training – it’s that easy to use.

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