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UpstartLegal.com Launches on International Freelancers Day

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PRESS RELEASE – September 28, 2010) – UpstartLegal.com, a legal resources website designed for entreprofessionals, officially launched with the celebration of International Freelancers Day. With almost 10 percent of Americans unemployed and 8.9 million people working part-time because they cannot find full-time work, more service professionals and consultants are freelancing or working independently. UpstartLegal.com provides these new, small businesses a comprehensive package consisting of company organization and legal agreements necessary to start and run their companies. 
“The idea for UpstartLegal.com was born at a time when the recession was taking jobs from millions of people across the country and many had no choice but to create their own,” said John Gerber, founder of UpstartLegal.com. “Entreprofessionals – people who offer a professional service on their own – often don’t have the capital to work with a business attorney or the time to dig through other websites to find the documents they need. Our package was designed to give them exactly what they need at a price they can afford.”
Working without proper legal documents can be dangerous. Without a business entity, for example, entreprofessionals can be personally liable for damages caused by their work. Engaging a subcontractor without an agreement can lead to liability if the subcontractor violates intellectually property rights of others. Business partners without an operating agreement could end up battling over ownership of the company if things don’t work out. 
The UpstartLegal.com package was designed by Gerber, a corporate attorney with more than 20 years experience starting and running businesses, to help entreprofessionals feel confident and legally protected when starting their businesses.  The documents in the Upstart Package include:

Business entity documents
• Limited Liability Company Formation
• Federal and State Tax ID Number Registration
• LLC Operating (Partnership) Agreement
Agreement to operate the business
• Services Agreement (Client Contract)
• Non-Disclosure Agreement
• Subcontractor Agreement
• Referral Agreement
• Startup Checklist
“I found UpstartLegal.com at just the right time,” said Colby Cauchon, founder and Creative Director of Stripe Design Studio, LLC, one of the first companies formed through UpstartLegal.com.  “I knew I wanted to start my own business, but I had no idea how to do it or where to go for help.  Turns out, the legal part can be really easy and affordable.”
The UpstartLegal.com Upstart Package is available for $395, plus state filing fees, and can be purchased on the website.
About UpstartLegal.com
UpstartLegal.com was designed to assist new business owners with their early-stage business needs by focusing both on entity formation and the key legal agreements needed by new companies.  The comprehensive Upstart Package includes the legal documents an entreprofessional needs to start and run a business.

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