Voiceover Talent for Your Small Business: Review of Voices.com

James Earl Jones has one of those unmistakable voices. Yes, he was the voice of Darth Vader in “Star Wars.” But whenever you hear Mr. Jones, in whatever role he’s playing, you stop and listen to his commanding voice. You almost can’t help it. That’s what you want people to do when they hear your podcast, your business jingle, or even your voicemail greeting. Alas, perhaps you don’t have Mr. Jones’ voice, but you may find just the voiceover talent you need, at an affordable price, at Voices.com.

Voices.com calls itself the “voice marketplace” and offers a Web-based service that caught my attention recently. I had been working on an animation project, and it took us hours and hours to find just the right voice talent to narrate this short animated video. We didn’t know about Voices.com; the agency did all the searching for our project.  This service seemed ideal for the small business owner with a busy schedule and a tight budget.

Voiceover talent at Voices.com
Voices.com is a pretty straightforward service: You can create an account for free and search for talent based on a wide range of categories or needs.  From audiobooks to jingles to podcasts to telephone, you can search via the Voice.com directory or just enter some keywords in the search tool. I searched terms like Friendly, Warm, Funny and Conversational, and got plenty of results each time. I tried the free account as an employer for this review.

Voices.com has a global network of over 25,000 voice actors in over 100 languages and currently serves more than 107,220 users online. The company claims to create 6,911 job opportunities on average every month.

Easy enough, but you still don’t know if the person you’re hiring can do the job. Voices.com has that covered with their SurePay Escrow service where your funds are held until you release them, but the individual can see you’ve deposited the payment, giving them some comfort, too.

What I liked:

  • I could go direct to the Shop the Store link (under the Hire nav tab) and find pricing for certain types of voiceovers. For example, a simple commercial or voicemail message starts at only $99.
  • I liked the narrow niche focus on finding just voice talent.  There are many freelancer and contractor directories and matchmaking services out there, but they have a wide range of providers.
  • The article directory is terrific and had articles or posts about audio, audio search engines and what Google is doing in audio, such as Google Voice and Goog-411 (which I use all the time and love).

To get your creative imagination going, here are some examples of situations where you might use audio and voice recordings:

  • Recorded business presentations and voice messaging systems
  • Scripted radio spots and television commercials
  • Audiobooks
  • Films and documentaries
  • Voices of animated characters in games and other new media
  • Narration for educational recordings such as e-learning software

What I would have liked:

This is a small, small point, but I would like to see the “How It Works” link more prominent on the home page and not have to dig for it in the help section. As someone new to the concept of hiring voice talent, this overview (in video and text) is helpful and might get me to post a project faster.  Overall, though, I had a hard time finding any challenges with using this site. It is very intuitive and well thought out.

Who Voice.com is for:

If you are a professional who is looking for a place to market your voiceover talents, this may be a place to consider. If you are a marketing agency or small consulting firm that needs to add voice to a project, it is definitely worth a look, or listen I should say. If you are a small business owner who wants to add that special touch to an outbound customer service message or another contact point where a customer hears your message, Voices.com can be a very affordable and direct way to find just the voice you need.

Learn more about Voices.com.