Global Strategic Management Solutions Releases New Whitepaper for Small Businesses

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida (PRESS RELEASE – October 3, 2010) – As the CEO of Global Strategic Management Solutions (GSMS), Dr. McGunagle understands the challenges that most CEOs have in running a healthy organization. However, she is amazed at the number of leaders that tell her they have not looked at how the organizational culture impacts their strategy. A new whitepaper released by GSMS, however, helps CEOs learn how changes in company culture impact business strategies.

Today, organizations must change their strategy to meet the demands of the business environment. Formulating new strategies can be necessary to either protect competitive position or to take advantage of new opportunities. Changes in technology, regulations, and customer needs are some of the external forces that can require reflection on one’s current small business processes. Hiring the right people and retaining top talent are the internal forces that can impact the effectiveness of the organization. To be successful in the business market, inevitability, at some point, organizations must make changes or risk the possibility of losing customers.

Dr. McGunagle has one goal in mind with all GSMS’ clients: promote and maintain healthy organizational culture. Her exclusive health plan can help improve all small business’ bottom-lines by improving the performance of the organization. Dr. McGunagle states, “GSMS provides Benchmark Performance reports that offer a unique opportunity for our clients to see that culture is the leading indicator and the financial metrics is a trailing indicator on the health of the organization.”

One client, David Middleton with Intelligent Office, says it best: “The fact is organizational culture will kick your strategy in the butt every time.”

Dr. McGunagle teaches some simple wisdom:

  • Lack of trust within an organization can erode its profits quicker than any competitor.
  • Net income can be improved simply by eliminating conflict in the workplace.
  • Poor communications and employee morale will undoubtedly hurt an organization’s bottom-line.

To learn more about Global Strategic Management Solutions’ on organizational culture, download a copy of the GSMS white paper on how CEOs can improve their bottom-line by changing the culture. Learn how Global Strategic Management Solutions’ clients use the Benchmark Performance reports to create a high performance organizational culture that provides a distinct competitive advantage.

About Global Strategic Management Solutions

Global Strategic Management Solutions is an organizational development consulting firm. We combine experience and extensive business research on successful organizations to help our clients grow and improve their bottom-line.

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