CapLinked, MicroVentures Partner to Help Startups Manage and Raise Capital

Los Angeles, California (PRESS RELEASE – October 26, 2010) – In the wake of a deep recession that has crippled many small businesses and startups, MicroVentures and CapLinked have formed a partnership to help private companies raise capital and communicate with their new investors. The two innovative online solutions will work together to offer their users online tools to raise funds and manage investor relations.

MicroVentures help entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses seeking $150,000 to $1 million find sophisticated and accredited investors, who can invest as little as $250 to $5,000 per investment, through its peer-to-peer online service.

CapLinked is a collaborative platform for private companies to share information with investors. Companies can use CapLinked to give prospective investors access to deal information, keep track of who has viewed their deal and documents, and update their investors and board members after the deal is closed.

Under the partnership, CapLinked will provide startups that participate in MicroVentures’ funding service with tools to track company ownership, manage investor updates, and store documents. Investors on MicroVentures will also be able to use Caplinked to track their other private company investments.

Entrepreneurs on CapLinked will be able to access MicroVentures’ templates to reference as they prepare their own investment documents for capital raises, and companies in need of help preparing their private placement memorandum and other services related to a capital raise will be able to connect with MicroVentures.

“MicroVentures provide an invaluable service by increasing the pool of potential and much needed capital available for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses,” said Eric M. Jackson, CEO and co-founder of CapLinked. “By helping startups and small businesses get funding, MicroVentures is creating jobs and encouraging innovation. CapLinked is excited to partner with them to foster relationships between investors and entrepreneurs.”

“CapLinked makes it easy for companies to share information with investors,” said Bill Clark, chief executive officer and founder of MicroVentures. “Communication before and after a deal has closed is critical in promoting trust and creating transparency. We’re excited to offer MicroVentures’ companies the opportunity to share updates and store information on CapLinked’s secure platform.”

Prior to their current ventures, Clark and Jackson both hailed from PayPal. Clark was a portfolio manager in the risk-management division of the online payment service, and Jackson was PayPal’s first senior director of marketing and is author of the book “The PayPal Wars.”

About MicroVentures

Based in Austin, TX, MicroVentures Marketplace Inc.’s capital model allows investors to fund startup opportunities not typically available outside a traditional venture capital structure. Using its online peer-to-peer investment service, MicroVentures creates additional investment opportunities for investors looking to make smaller commitments by pooling and connecting them with entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses looking to raise money.

About CapLinked

CapLinked Inc. is a collaborative network for private companies and investors. Founded in late-2009, CapLinked allows companies to upload deal information for a capital raise, reach out to potential investors, and update their investors and advisors via a secure data room, messaging, and a customized dashboard. Based in Manhattan Beach, CA, the company was co-founded by Eric M. Jackson and Christopher Grey.

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