No Whining: Thought Leaders on Thriving in Today’s Economy

Small business success

“No whining!”

That was the opening message by CEO Clate Mask at an event last week in Las Vegas put on by the folks at Infusionsoft called “Conquer and Grow.”

Clate took a no-nonsense approach to diffusing what he finds to be a theme by some in the small business community of being victims of the recession.  He encouraged attendees to embrace another mindset and become the solution to the current market conditions.  I found this approach refreshing, and wanted to highlight 3 ideas I picked up from the world-class speakers at the event so small businesses can thrive in tough times.

Build and Improve Systems

“Be aware of anyone selling ‘change’ cause that’s all you’ll have left in your pocket! Nobody needs change, we need improvement.” – Michael Gerber, author of  The E-Myth Revisited

Every business has systems, the problem with small businesses, especially entrepreneurs, is that their systems are often informal or not well defined.  This leaves businesses less productive even hurting sales.  Chaos in small businesses exists in large part due to the lack of well thought-out systems.

  • How to build systems in your business? Start simple.  No need for an elaborate training system complete with online video and interaction, it doesn’t take much effort to improve what doesn’t exist.  Outline the main events in your business that need to be documented, and create a single page checklist, make sure it is simple enough that a new employee can get up to speed quickly by reviewing the checklist. Consider this for activities that are repeated often in your business and have a direct impact on sales or customer service.
  • Existing Systems Needing Improvement? The challenge with documenting a system is that once it is done, it is often forgotten.  A simple review of existing systems or checklists can be a very simple process.  Business changes quickly and your systems may need to change with it. Schedule time to review and refine existing systems.

Build Referral Partnerships

Referral marketing goes back to the beginning of time.  John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing conveyed a different idea to this old concept:  bring a team to the table.  Meaning, as you service an account, having a team of partnerships that you can bring to the table who offer complimentary services your client needs can be a big value to the client, and all the members of the referral partnership.  The idea is, everyone brings everyone to the table for any given client in the entire partnership.

Be Smart With Social Media

Social media with all its potential, also has the potential to be an incredible time suck, a distraction or even an escape from what small businesses should really be working on.  Some ideas I came away with from the conference:

  • Have set times for social media interaction. Instead of being logged in and allowing social networks to ping you when they has something to say, you login when you are ready to read and respond.
  • Leverage your reach. Example: LinkedIn Answers is a way to share your knowledge with many by answering important questions in your market.  The rise in popularity of LinkedIn Groups can be even more powerful as you participate in appropriate discussions in your niche (group members can number in the hundreds of thousands).  As Starr Hall said, “Leaders answer questions, followers ask.”
  • Departmentalize Social Media. This is a concept shared by dotJenna as a way of setting up social media accounts, for larger companies.  Set up Twitter accounts and Facebook pages per company department, such as Pages and profiles for Sales, Customer Service, Promotions, and etc. Not only does it give a perception of the company being bigger than it might be along with SEO benefits, channel segmentation reduces clutter and the risk of customer service issues and sales questions showing up on the same feed, which is a cleaner experience for customers and businesses alike.

Making it through today’s economy can be a matter of  improving business systems, developing a referral partnership, being smart with social media, or all three.  Taken to heart, these strategies can help your business not only survive, but thrive in tough times.


Travis Campbell Travis Campbell is a professional online marketer who teaches people how to make the most of their online marketing without all the hype. The Marketers FAQ report is a compilation of his lessons learned marketing online and is available to those who join the site Marketing Professor.

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  1. Hey Travis,
    Thanks for opening your post with Clate’s no-holds-barred thoughts. I have to agree — no whining! Every now and then, when I’m tempted to go down the path of “woe is me…” I stop and remember talks from solid entrepreneurs like Clate. I also remember a book by a guy called the Pitbull of Personal Development, Larry Winget, called Shut up, stop whining, and get a life (or something close to that). While I didn’t always agree with Larry’s tone, I got the needed kick in the pants to remain accountable for my own actions.

    That’s what I have always heard from the Infusionsoft team, too. I got a ton out of an earlier event of theirs this year. Be accountable. Take action, set up systems, but be accountable. That’s important for us to remember as small biz owners. Don’t let the chaos take control.

  2. TJ-

    It can be tough, but I think if we take the time to think strategically, there are opportunities to really lead the pack by implementing strategies like the ones in this post.

    I think what Clate was saying is, we all need encouragement sometimes, and other times it’s time to suck it up, and press through, innovate, and lead. 🙂


  3. I spent a good part of last summer crying about how crappy the slow season was and how miserable it made me, that didn’t do anything but make me feel worse. This slow season I went into it with a different mind set, now the slow season is almost over and my head is so focused we are just killing projects that will generate more revenue during the season. We are seeing over 100% gains at over half of our locations.

  4. Travis,
    Great article. I think is going to be the age of only the tuff survive.
    I just finished “The E Myth” and it really opened my eyes

    If people don’t want to take responsibility, they will give up their liberty

    Thanks for your contribution and insight,
    Jeff Faldalen

  5. Great Article Travis!

    A lot of people don’t understand the power of Social Media and the strategy in creating brand advocates. There are very few company that can even explain social media. They just throw up a fan page and expect ROI from it. This summer, Coca-Cola did something really cool.


  6. hey Travis, thanks for the comment. I agree. Clate is a super-positive guy and I wasn’t dissing him in any way. Sorry if it may have sounded like that. I’ve heard him, talked to him, read his book. He’s a great leader and someone whose insights I take seriously.

  7. Mike @ Email Marketing Software

    Great article. I especially agree with the point that “Chaos in small businesses exists in large part due to the lack of well thought-out systems,” although suspect this echoes through into larger businesses. There’s often so many smaller businesses that have been disorganised and grown and continue to have the same problems but on a larger scale. And once they’re large it’s so much harder to improve (not change!) or overhaul – even if this is from something as small as filing.

  8. It takes thinking outside the box and coming to grips that as with any recession or downfall in the economy, there are those who succeed big and go on to make history! Find your niche, become the best and offer something exceptional – go 10 extra miles! “Build it”, nuture it, be smart … and they will come. Thanks for this insightful article Mr. Campbell – very much appreciated! With kindness, Elena Patrice

  9. Brian Kevin Johnston

    Travis- Great post (especially the quote from Michael Gerber)… I was at Conquer and Grow, but did not get a chance to meet you… next time! Best to ALL, Brian-

  10. Thanks a lot for this, Travis.

    I know in my heart that it’s sometimes about how we look at things.

    I have to put it in my head.

    The Franchise King

  11. Referral partnerships are key to business because it’s all about relationships. With recession, there is room for innovation.