Release Issue Tracking Product for Affordable Customer Service

Charlotte, North Carolina (PRESS RELEASE – October 13, 2010) – Shift Technologies announced the latest version of the Issue Tracking application in its ThinMind suite of on-demand, Web-based workforce management solutions. The Issue Tracking product is a comprehensive solution for managing internal help desk issues, product defects and bugs, and customer support requests.

The latest Issue Tracking Product includes significant user interface enhancements resulting in a Web-based product that looks and feels like a desktop application. Extensive features have been included to help streamline customer service management, track critical business and customer issues, reduce time to resolve issues, and enhance the overall quality of service provided.

New features include:

  • Consolidated Issue Explorer for quickly viewing and managing tickets
  • Virtual desktop for opening and working on multiple requests at once
  • Email server integration for receiving and sending emails directly within the product
  • Automated email capture to monitor and automatically create support tickets when new emails arrive
  • Custom automated email notifications for specific events during issue resolution
  • Pre-canned responses for common questions, instructions, knowledge base articles, etc.

The ThinMind Issue Tracking product is 100% Web-based with nothing to install. Cost effective monthly pricing makes the solution affordable for companies of all sizes. A free 30-day trial is available.

About Shift Technologies

Shift Technologies Inc. has been providing SaaS solutions since 1997. The company’s flagship Web-based service, ThinMind, includes Timesheet Reporting, Expense Reporting, Issue Tracking, and Project Management. Thousands of people worldwide use ThinMind Web-based solutions.

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