Implix Launches ClickMeeting, a User-Friendly, Affordable Online Conferencing Platform for SMBs

Wilmington, Delaware (PRESS RELEASE – November 2, 2010) – Implix, a leading provider of results-oriented online marketing solutions, today announced the launch of ClickMeeting, an online conferencing platform designed to help users connect quickly and easily from any browser, anytime. ClickMeeting helps small and medium-sized companies (SMBs) increase productivity and accelerate decision making in order to compete more effectively with larger players. Ultimately, businesses can use the time and cost savings gained from ClickMeeting to expand their market reach.

“Gartner has written extensively on the ‘new normal’, which we describe as cost decisions that occur as a response to a sluggish economy and hold even when good times return,” said Richard Fouts, research director, Gartner. “We expect online meetings and conferences to play a major role in the new normal given the high cost of travel and the productivity hits organizations experience when key people are on the road. Saving money never goes out of style, and now, with providers like Implix offering easy, affordable online video, audio and document collaboration, the business case for online meetings becomes even stronger. I’m also sure SMB customers will appreciate getting fewer ‘out of office’ notices in response to their urgent emails.”

The ClickMeeting Platform incorporates two solutions: ClickMeeting that enables SMB users to set up conferences and meetings on the fly for up to 25 participants, and ClickWebinar that offers companies live video conference streaming for 100 to 1,000 attendees. The solution combines the best of online collaboration with the power of rich media and custom branding with no additional installation of an application required. The affordable, all-in-one package allows users to hold team meetings and global webinars, present with high-impact videos, share desktops, brainstorm new ideas, and poll attendees all from one single easy to use interface.

“In this economy, companies can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on offsite meetings and maintain a healthy bottom line. Industry studies show that the savings from online conferencing platforms like ClickMeeting can be significant. It’s not surprising that 53% of companies in a recent Wainhouse survey are increasing their online conferencing,” said Simon Grabowski, Implix CEO and founder of GetResponse. “ClickMeeting can help these businesses get more done for less by meeting online when they need to, not when they can afford to. With ClickMeeting, they’ll not only save time and money, but also reach more markets and close more deals, especially when branded with their own logos and colors. It makes a great impression!”

Justyna Wajs, a ClickMeeting customer and Vemma Europe Managing Director, explains further: “Vemma Europe needs to communicate with hundreds of Brand Partners in 30 countries on a regular basis. In person meetings are ideal, but way too expensive and waste too much time. With ClickMeeting, we can organize a meeting in a matter of minutes, save money on travel, and actually get more done. I’d like to add that ClickMeeting not only contributes to our financial success – it also strengthens our sense of community.”

ClickMeeting Highlights

  • Quick and easy set up and administration for meetings of up to 25 attendees or webinars up to 1,000 participants – from invites, to auto-reminders, to document uploads and meeting updates.  
  • Rebranding with customer logos, fonts, colors, and graphics.
  • Desktop sharing of documents and applications, plus whiteboarding for real-time collaboration and decision making.
  • Audio-video capabilities for high-impact conferences, webinars, and presentations.
  • Polling to accelerate decision making and gain consensus.
  • Intuitive administrative panel allows “quiet” control of audience interaction, presenters, and desktop sharing for a more productive online event.  


The ClickMeeting platform is extremely secure and reliable and is hosted on the Implix performance-proven, high-availability cloud network. Users can set up meetings or audio-video presentations in minutes without having to install or download a separate application. In addition, users can  connect in minutes with remote teams, prospects, partners, and field personnel – boosting both productivity and profits.

ClickMeeting is available immediately and competitively priced. All-in-one annual plans range from $29.99 per month for unlimited online meetings for up to 25 attendees, to $199.00 per month for unlimited webinars up to 1,000 participants.

About Implix

Implix was founded in 1999 by Internet marketing entrepreneur Simon Grabowski, whose vision of helping SOHO and small business marketers around the globe improve marketing efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profitability continues to define the company. Today, Implix maintains worldwide operations, with offices in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Implix products are GetResponse, and ClickMeeting.

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