Ledgerble.com Relaunches Small Business Accounting App With New Features

Scottsdale, Arizona (PRESS RELEASE – November 24, 2010) – Ledgerble.com, a cloud-based accounting software provider, relaunches with a new website design, improved app interface and new features.

The new design focuses on simplicity. Everything non-essential has been stripped out of the app interface. Ledgerble has become incredibly simple to get to grips with, especially for those with little to no accounting experience.

More and more, small businesses are looking past traditional desktop applications and moving their businesses online. Small business accounting software is lagging behind in that respect, although the tide is starting to turn.

Cloud accounting software offers users 24/7 access, instant and secure backups, and government-grade data encryption. In addition, customers don’t have to pay large up-front costs to get going for a small monthly fee, users can get up and running quickly and decide if the app is right for them.

New features include:

  • online banking integration
  • adding income and expenses via text messages
  • and a reminder system to give clients a nudge to do some accounting just when they need it.

Speaking about the re-launch Matt Walsh, COO, commented “Over the past year or so we had a good product that was useful for our customers but we were missing a few crucial features. We have added those additional features and greatly improved the look and feel of the app. With this release we have really upped our product offering to the point where we believe Ledgerble is now the best value online accounting software.”

About Ledgerble.com

Ledgerble is a small business accounting software developer based out of Montreal, Quebec and Scottsdale, Arizona. Ledgerble.com provides online accounting software specifically targeted at small and micro businesses. All versions of Ledgerble are cloud based applications.

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