NewLogic Business Loans, Inc. Announces “Mini-Payment” Solutions for SMB Market

New York (PRESS RELEASE – November 17, 2010) – Capital Access Network, Inc. (CAN), announced that it will make loans available to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) through its subsidiary, NewLogic Business Loans, Inc. NewLogic will provide loans to restaurants, service practices and retail businesses, offering much needed access to working capital to “Main Street” businesses.

NewLogic loans bridge the gap between alternative funding products and bank financing, integrating the speed and flexibility of non-traditional working capital options with many of the structures of other commercial loans. Loans will be offered with a pre-set monthly payment amount and fixed maturity date, but with unique features. Qualified borrowers can choose between payment plans; either a structure with flexible, daily payment amounts designed to help SMBs better manage the ebbs and flows of payment card sales in an unpredictable economic environment, or one with fixed payment amounts designed for those who prefer the predictability of fixed payments while still avoiding the one, large, monthly lump sum payment that often strains SMB cash flow management.

NewLogic will employ CAN FinTech Group’s Daily Remittance Platform(TM) (DRP) to handle its transactions. DRP moves beyond simple credit score-based underwriting, which CAN has not found to be predictive of business performance. DRP relies more heavily on recent card sales in its approval process, thereby improving risk decisioning and expanding the delivery of capital to more SMBs. This platform also enables the integration of processing and the provision of capital, providing new, flexible payment options to SMBs, and risk management benefits to capital providers who will now see sales income streams via the business’ credit card processing settlements daily.

Factors Impacting the Supply of SMB Credit

Access to small business loans continues to be a challenge. According to recent statistics from the Small Business Administration, its lending programs are running out of money as stimulus cash dries up. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, in his testimony to Congress in July 2010, also noted a drop in lending to small businesses, citing that loans have declined from more than $710 billion in the second quarter of 2008, to $670 billion in the first quarter of 2010. NewLogic can offer working capital during this critical period to small businesses that banks often decline because of its unique underwriting methodology and its access to a robust small business database and modeling capabilities.


The “Mini-Payment” feature of NewLogic loans helps SMB cash flow by creating smaller, more frequent payments instead of one lump sum monthly payment. SMBs can choose one of two “Mini-Payment” plans:

Processor Powered Payment Plan – allows SMBs to make loan payments through their credit card processors in amounts that vary with their card sales volumes, providing an option to owners who are uncomfortable with a fixed, daily payment amount.

Weekday Fixed Payment Plan – permits SMBs to make automatic payments with fixed amounts each weekday through the Automated Clearing House system, providing an option to owners who prefer the consistency of pre-set, daily payment amounts.

Another key feature of NewLogic loans is the quick turn-around on loan approval decisions. The application is evaluated in hours, rather than weeks. Plus, the approval decision is primarily based on the history and performance of the business, rather than the business owner’s personal credit.

“As recent news reports have indicated, working capital sources have decreased and businesses are scrambling. NewLogic delivers what small and mid-sized businesses need — more payment flexibility and faster decisions,” said Glenn Goldman, CEO of Capital Access Network, parent company of NewLogic. “Through Capital Access Network and our FinTech Group, NewLogic has access to an extensive database and state-of-the-art modeling, scoring and analytic capabilities, so we can underwrite small businesses that banks typically avoid.”

About NewLogic Business Loans, Inc.

NewLogic Business Loans, Inc. offers innovative loans to small and mid-sized businesses desiring unique, flexible features including: repayment options, application evaluation in hours rather than weeks and business-friendly approval decisions. Loans are structured with the intent of building long-term relationships, with terms that fit the needs of the entrepreneur. That’s why it’s Smart Money for Small Business.

About Capital Access Network Inc.

Capital Access Network, Inc. (CAN) leverages leading edge data, systems and technology, combined with a unique and highly effective Daily Remittance Platform(TM), to deliver innovative financial products and services geared to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and SMB capital providers. The Financial Technologies Group (FinTech Group) offers SMB lenders, credit card issuers and other capital providers customized platforms and hosted services that enable Daily Remittance-powered financial products, improving underwriting decisioning and delivery, extending customer lifecycles, controlling costs and enhancing portfolio performance. The Data Services Division draws upon the data gathered by CAN’s subsidiaries through more than a decade of collecting and analyzing the sales trends and firmographics of tens of thousands of SMBs. CAN also provides merchant capital options powered by Daily Remittance Platforms through its wholly-owned subsidiaries: AdvanceMe, Inc, the leader in Merchant Cash Advances, and NewLogic Business Loans, Inc. Headquartered in New York, CAN and its subsidiaries currently employ 350 people in four locations in New York, Georgia, Massachusetts and Costa Rica.


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