Doing Business in Brazil: Advice and Resources

Have you considered expanding to other countries?  Perhaps doing business in Brazil? If so, we have the perfect event for you.

The Economist will be hosting a two-day event online for entrepreneurs and business owners seeking opportunities for conducting business in Brazil and moving into that’s country’s economic market. The aptly titled event, Doing Business in Brazil, will take place on December 14th – 15th, 2010.

The Economist Hosts Online Fair for Doing Business in Brazil

This online event will provide:

  • Practical advice to guide you gently into the Brazilian market
  • The unprecedented opportunity to connect with consultants, lawyers, bankers and other investors for entrepreneurs to learn, collaborate, and explore ways to enter the Brazilian market.
  • Access to resources and influential connections

The key to expanding in any new geographic market is knowing the lay of the land.  It’s especially important when it’s a foreign country.  You have to understand the economic, social, legal and business environment.  You need market research to understand where the opportunities are and how to go after them.  And you need connections who can open doors for you.  That’s what you get by participating in this online event.

You don’t have to “attend” the full two days.  Join in for however long you can.  And if you’re not sure what an “online fair” is, check this out and learn.

There is no charge for this event.  Registration is required for a free online pass.

Register for the FREE 2-day online event now.


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  1. To know the market and to know the culture of the place help you to start up new business.