BizCardText Launches New Text Message Mobile Marketing Service

Studio City, California (PRESS RELEASE – December 29, 2010) – BizCardText announced the launch of their new text message mobile marketing service. The company, which works off a small monthly subscription fee and only five cents per text, will provide small businesses and non-profit organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada, a different approach to marketing and promotions, through their innovative new text message advertising solutions.

BizCardText’s specialty is providing small business owners an effective way of reaching individuals quickly and economically via text message. According to the Mobile Marketing Association, 98% of all text messages are read in the first 15 minutes. “Businesses and organizations are starving for new ways to reach patrons, and most will respond to text messages faster than most other mediums,” says Souf Bouy, CEO of BizCardText, “We are on the cusp of a global text message marketing boom, especially during these economical times that will change the way companies advertise, promote and sell to their customers forever.”

The way BizCardText works is simple. The BizCardText subscriber chooses a keyword (example: COUPON) in which they can use to promote a free gift, coupon or special sale to the consumer. The consumer then uses their cell phone to text the keyword to a short code (example: 87766), which acts like an area code for the keyword. Once the keyword is sent via text to the short code, an automated response containing the advertised offer is received instantly on the consumer’s cell phone, in the form of a text message.

The BizCardText subscriber can continue to send special updates, offers, deals, alerts and announcements to the consumer via text messages. The consumer has the option to opt-out of the campaign at any time by replying STOP to one of the subscriber’s text messages. The keyword-driven subscription plan for the BizCardText service will cost anywhere from fifty to one-hundred dollars per month, depending on the amount of keywords requested by the subscriber.

BizCardText Franchises will also be available nationwide to qualified entrepreneurs.

About BizCardText

BizCardText is a mobile marketing company which offers various types of text message marketing services to small business owners and non-profit organizations, targeting patrons and potential consumers directly to their cell phones. Franchises also available to qualified entrepreneurs.

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