Digital Printing Services Launches Email Marketing Resources Website

Minneapolis (PRESS RELEASE – December 4, 2010) – Digital Printing Services is providing their customers and any small business and organization of all sizes a robust web-based self-service email marketing solutions from 4OfficeAutomation, Inc.

Digital Printing Services will offer 4OfficeAutomation’s suite of powerful email marketing resources and services to help its customers and any business increase their website marketing ROI and online sales. A free trial is available for all business and organizations. 4OfficeAutomation’s toolkit includes automatic list building and maintenance tools as well as a powerful email newsletter builder and automatic follow-up email scheduling that exceeds the capabilities of their competitors.

“4OfficeAutomation’s emailing tools and services have quickly become a ‘must have’ in the digital marketing toolkits of e-commerce businesses,” said Brett Hanson, Business Development Manager, Digital Printing Services LLC. “Using all of the technology available in the 4OfficeAutomation’s toolkit is an easy way for us to help each of our customers get in touch with their customers while maintaining best-practice standards.”

“While developing our email marketing technology, we’ve continually emphasized effectiveness and ease of use because we know that most smaller businesses simply don’t have the time or resources to devote to the complicated aspects of running a professional email marketing campaign,” added 4OfficeAutomation CEO John Vorwerk. “They just want results, which is what this new arrangement with Digital Printing Services will deliver.”

How 4OfficeAutomation’s Technology Help Digital Printing Services Customers

4OfficeAutomation’s web-based technology provide companies an easy solution for building forms, creating powerful email newsletters and scheduling automated follow-up email messages. Furthermore, they provide real-time reporting as well as automated mechanisms for preventing the accidental delivery of emails to people who have opted-out as well as maintain ISP relationships.

About 4OfficeAutomation, Inc.

4OfficeAutomation, Inc. provides email marketing software to thousands of businesses around the globe. Their innovative Email Unlimited technology enables businesses to conduct professional email marketing campaigns while maintaining highest ethical standards.

4OfficeAutomation sells its services directly, and through a reseller channel of web hosts, site developers, and agencies. Founded in 1999, the company is headquartered in Carson City, NV.

About Digital Printing Services

Based in Minneapolis, MN, Digital Printing Services LLC’s portfolio of marketing services includes web development, online marketing and retail and wholesale printing. Its 30,000 customers span industries ranging from marketing, advertising, and promotion, to construction, and marketing and promotional services.

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