Payroll Solutions and ADI Time Complete Workforce Management Service Offering

East Providence, Rhode Island (PRESS RELEASE – December 3, 2010) – ADI Time, a leading vendor of cloud computing time and attendance management software services (SaaS), has established a partnership with Payroll Solutions International (PSI), a Canadian-based international payroll provider offering outsourcing services throughout the North American and International marketplace. As a provider of payroll, HR and consulting services, PSI was looking for a workforce management solution that would flawlessly integrate with a diverse product suite and offer comprehensive solutions to their client base.

“ADI Time’s SaaS and on-premise workforce management software enables us to easily integrate the time and attendance management application with other services we already offer,” explained Michael Cote, President and CEO of Payroll Solutions International. “While researching other vendors in this area, we discovered that ADI Time offered a variety of tailored applications that provided solutions based on users’ needs instead of a one-size-fits-all product offering,” concluded Mr. Cote.

PSI’s custom payroll solutions and comprehensive HR outsourcing provides their clients with the availability of complete online payroll services, time and labor management, human resource management systems, report writer and direct deposit. With the addition of ADI Time’s management products, PSI can deliver complete time and labor management integration and web-based reporting.

“We are pleased to partner with PSI to offer our full line-up of time management solutions to their complementing array of product offerings,” said John DiPippo, CEO of ADI Time. “With PSI’s combination of partners they are able to offer their client base the ability to optimize their workforce and payroll dollars which is critical to the success of every organization.”

About ADI Time

ADI Time is a leading vendor of cloud computing time and attendance software and management services for small- to mid-sized businesses and divisions of large enterprises. For over 27 years, ADI Time’s comprehensive products and services have helped companies improve the supervision of their workforce and achieve greater operational efficiencies through better time management. ADI Time offers a wide variety of on-site and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions designed to fit each customer’s application or needs. SaaS solutions are hosted by a secure and redundant world-class SAS 70 data center. Through its open API, ADI Time and its partners offer a seamless solution to customers while greatly simplifying their process of workforce automation and payroll processing. ADI Time is privately held and headquartered in East Providence, Rhode Island.

About PSI

PSI is an international Payroll Provider offering outsourcing services throughout the North American and International marketplace. In addition to payroll services, PSI offers Time & Labor Management Tracking Software and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) and Consulting through an integrated Web-based platform.

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  1. With the emergence of management software services and the integration of payroll services, HR Administration has evolved to higher levels creating new business trends. These softwares are a must-try for every business organization seeking better operational standards. Thank you for the insight!

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