Introduces New Employee Business Training Online Program

Cleveland (PRESS RELEASE – December 5, 2010) – Businesses can increase profits and cut training costs when they put courses online with new educational tools from, the leading Internet-based interactive course curriculum designer. gives large corporations, small businesses and non-profit organizations the most advanced interactive training tools needed to teach online and to create self-paced learning courses for employees and customers.

Online learning is more effective for employees than face-to-face teaching, according to a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Education.

“Studies show that people like to be taught – especially through the Internet. Since the first grade, we’ve been conditioned so we learn things best in a course environment. It’s what’s comfortable to us,” said Jim Kukral, one of the owners of “If you have information to share with employees or customers, is the answer, and you don’t need any tech skills either. Businesses can use to create their own online training center.”

Businesses can use for free to offer training to their employees or customers.

“We know it can be expensive to create an interactive online environment. But it doesn’t have to be when companies use,” said Kukral. “ helps you control your costs as you improve the quality of your staff and they, in turn, improve profits by doing their jobs better selling more products, providing better customer service and leading their teams effectively.”

Key features of include:

  • Instantly create your own online classroom or training center, without technical skills (The Intern could set it up!)
  • Share your “expert information” with others
  • Repurpose your existing content for greater value — to create courses that help new hires or people who have been promoted.
  • Easily tap into the latest online tools to help build outstanding content — Use video, audio, Power Point, text, or any kind of graphic to create engaging courses.
  • Help people get the information they want in the style they want — Since pre-school, most people have been conditioned so they learn best in a classroom setting, so now you can provide one for them online!
  • Save money by creating your own training tools instead of buying programs from other companies — and have fun doing it!
  • People love to take quizzes and classes — Share valuable information with others in a format that’s accessible, fun and easy to use!
  • The program features unlimited number of courses, students and teachers
  • A step-by-step courseware format helps guide novice instructors to create comprehensive lesson plans with quizzes.
  • Quizzes can be set for true/false, multiple choice or essay answers. Teachers can set the grade for passing the test.

“Once you make it easier for online seekers to get the info they need on the specific topic they want — in a format they enjoy — the rewards will start flowing right into the bottom line,” said Kukral “The fact is millions of people go to the Internet every day to learn new things, but the existing options don’t make it very easy for employees to get what they need.”

“E-books are not easy to use. Many are tough to follow. The quality of information could be less than promised,” he said.

“Newsletters send out good information, but with everything you have crowding your inbox, who has time to read it all! Frankly, some people don’t want to get a newsletter each week when all they want is a simple answer today. Maybe they don’t want to buy a huge DVD course when all they want is a chapter from the workbook,” he said.

The report also showed:

  • Learning outcomes for (adult learners) students who engaged in online learning exceeded those of students receiving face-to-face instruction.
  • Online learners spent more time on task than students in face-to-face environments.
  • Online learning has become popular because students can use it anytime, anywhere.

About is based in the Cleveland, Ohio area, and is owned and operated by University HQ LLC.

Prfessor lets you build yourself your very own university, academy or training center in minutes, with no tech skills needed. It’s 100% completely turnkey, which means that anyone regardless of Web or tech skills can be up and running and profiting in no time.

About the study

Information about “Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning: A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies” prepared by U.S. Department of Education can be found at

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