Techaisle: Small Businesses Consider IT Key Towards Operational Cost Reduction

San Jose, California (PRESS RELEASE – December 15, 2010) – Techaisle’s recent survey of 2900 small businesses across four countries – US, UK, Brazil and Germany – shows that small businesses are very much concerned about reducing operational costs of their business. Nearly 70% of SBs consider IT to be a key driver in assisting them towards reducing the cost of operations.

The top three IT initiatives towards achieving that goal are:

  • Migrating from older technologies
  • Maintaining and enhancing current IT infrastructure
  • Developing and implementing new IT applications

Not only are a large percentage of small businesses considering a move to Windows 7, they are also investing in a refresh of PCs and servers. It is estimated that within the four countries surveyed, small businesses will buy 28.1 million PCs and 1.2 million servers in 2011.

In terms of implementing new IT applications, these small businesses are increasingly gravitating towards virtualization, business intelligence and collaboration. Over 30% of small businesses are either actively investigating or investing in these technologies.

Not surprisingly, 45% of small businesses are also planning to increase prices to offset the cost of operations.

Improving workforce productivity and improving effectiveness of sales and marketing are also on the agenda of small businesses to address increased competitiveness, slow economy, and uncertainty. To improve effectiveness of sales and marketing, nearly 36% of small businesses are investing in improved email marketing campaigns, 28% are looking at Google Adwords and 21% are looking at Facebook advertising.

“Vendors who focus on IT as driver for operational savings will succeed as operating costs reduction is what SBs want from IT. Small businesses are the prime candidates for the Consumerization of IT where they are pushing increased automation through pervasive computing, improved productivity through collaboration, and efficient sales and marketing using latest social media capabilities,” says Anurag Agrawal, Techaisle.

About Techaisle

Techaisle is an actionable data driven market research company based in San Jose with global coverage. Techaisle’s premise is that Go-to-Market strategies require actionable data delivery based on aggregation, focused analytics and dynamic segmentation. Techaisle provides five major services: Worldwide IT Market and Channel Partner Sizing, Syndicated Research, Custom Consulting, Segmentation, and Social Media Tracking.

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