4 Ways to Repurpose Content to Attract Links to Your Website

Link building is one of the cornerstones of SEO.  Essentially, the more high-quality material that links back to your website, the more clout your website gets in the search engines and the higher you’ll rank in the Google war for first-page placement.  The more one-way links from quality sources you have, the higher your website authority and the better your rankings.

It sounds great, but bolstering the amount of links  pointing to your site can be a difficult thing to do.  One way is to write high-quality articles with links pointing back to your site and submit them to article directories such as ezinearticles.  The problem here is the time that has to be sunk into creating these quality articles – either you have to write them yourself or pay somebody else to write them for you, and each one may only generate one new link.  This can be time-consuming or extremely expensive, and there are only a finite number of publishers who will accept your content.

Attract Links to Your Site

Another method for generating links is repurposing your old content and publishing it in new locations.  Taking past blog posts, articles,  news releases and whitepapers and  reformatting them can help spread your influence online, and create new opportunities to be found in places besides search engines.

Here are some tips on how to make that happen:

  • Turn your content into video. This isn’t nearly as hard as it sounds.  A great tip is to make a PowerPoint of your content,  add audio and then upload it to YouTube, MetaCafe, Vimeo and Viddler.
  • Turn your content into PDF. Try DocStoc – before uploading, create hyperlinks to your site within the document.
  • Turn your content into audio and upload it to podcast directories. When you upload it to the  podcast publishers you’ll be able to add links back to your website.
  • Create an infographic. This may be the most time consuming, but could be the most rewarding content play as this type of content is extremely popular at the moment.  Some examples: Cool Infographics and Infographic World.

Repurposing your old content and submitting it to third-party websites is a good strategy to increase your online presence.  Not only will it help you get more links, but it will also save you from duplicate content problems when other sites syndicate your content.


Cayley Vos Cayley Vos is the Founder of Netpaths, a search engine friendly web design firm that helps businesses create websites that generate leads, increase sales, and grow profits. Cayley has helped companies sell millions of dollars of products and services through their websites and can help you learn SEO in the training section.

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  1. thank you Cayley,
    these are nice tips indeed.

    Personally I would favor infographic and PDfs.

    You could even mention to add a link back to the publisher site
    inside the PDF document and the infographic,
    which is very important to really take advantage
    of these content distribution strategies.

    Anyway, if one really wants to go the PPT or podcast way,
    I have some nice lists of resources that will make it easier to do just that:

  2. Great ideas for getting some extra mileage out of your current content efforts.

  3. “Turn your content into PDF”

    Good idea, i think i will give it a try


  4. @danielle yes I forgot to mention to always ask for links when you are creating content. Many people will naturally link to you, but if you specifically ask for a link your chances of success are much higher.

  5. @douglas sometimes creating a printable document is preferable for people, and I have been amazed at how presentation affects people. I have seen the same content on a blog and on a well formatted PDF and people place higher value on the PDF, even if it contains the same information.

  6. @robert Thanks for the compliment, I hope it helps your business.

  7. Great tips for making content go further. I especially like the idea of creating infographics.

  8. Another suggestion is to create ‘cheat sheets’ out of blog posts, which is easy to do if you write list type posts,

    This can be a nice way to build a ‘library’ section on your site and encourage others to download.

    Helps build the brand too!

  9. Lakshmi - Virtual assistant


    We do virtual assistant services for clients and i feel the suggestions you gave about building links was great and i am sure young learners like us will surely appreciate this post and get more traffic to the sites with help of the ideas given here.

    Thank you

  10. @ivan great idea for repurposing existing pages into linkable content.

  11. Thank YOU Cayley – I love your short but sweet article with the 4 tips. Your list is small, doable, and doesn’t feel overwhelming — like your example of writing for large ezine sites.

    I’ve FINALLY started recording skype interviews with the authors whose books I receive for review. It’s a terrific way to re-purpose a conversation and add it as a supplement to a book review AND the authors always appreciate the extra mileage and mini interview.

  12. Ivana, I love the Skype interview aspect. Do you use Pamela for Skype or some other recording software?

  13. @Lakshmi I am happy to provide specifics for you.

  14. @ivana doing recorded interviews and saving them as podcasts using skype is a great way to go. It is often easier to persuade authors to do a skype interview, as it is less work for them.

  15. @lisa I’m glad you like them, It was fun putting it together!

  16. Nice Sharing . I tried docstoc stock through your instruction its very helpful for me…thanks

  17. Hi Gayley,thanks for sharing.Are you a regular online blogger or working with this field as one of your passion?

  18. @Sheen

    I blog about SEO and content strategies, and do this as client work. If you have specific topics you would like to see me write about here please let me know.