AVG and SCORE Partner to Provide Online Small Business Security Resources

Washington (PRESS RELEASE – January 19, 2011) –  AVG Technologies, makers of small- and medium-sized business (SMB) and consumer anti-virus security products, has partnered with SCORE, a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small business start, grow and succeed. Through this agreement, more than 400,000 small business owners nationwide can take advantage of valuable co-branded educational resources to help them proactively protect their business from security threats, while saving significant time and resource.

AVG pursued the partnership with SCORE in response to a study AVG conducted last Fall with the GfK Group.  The study demonstrated that SMBs are generally very adept at adopting change into their businesses and recent economic difficulties have opened up opportunities for them to innovate their business and improve processes. Central to gaining a foothold in the new economy is the ability to fully harness the power of technology.  Because of their size and limited resources, most SMBs view IT as essential but do not have a clear strategy to use technology to help support the growth of their organization. Often, SMBs have limited IT expertise and internal resources, and are frequently looking for IT solutions which are easier to manage and offer high value for low cost, forcing them to seek external help.  In addition, the study found that two-thirds of businesses are optimistic about growth in the next five years, and those companies that are able to adapt and leverage the power of the internet will successfully expand.

As a result of the findings of the study, AVG is partnering with SCORE to provide SMBs with security solutions that will enable them to safely and affordably take advantage of the tremendous reach of the internet and cloud services.  In addition to providing great incentives for SMBs to be secure, AVG will also develop an online security workshop and contribute to SCORE’s quarterly small business cyber security e-guides which are dedicated to helping small business owners safely grow and protect their businesses.

“Cyber security is often overlooked by start-up and small business owners, as the majority of their focus is on the set-up and day-to-day running and growth of their business,” said Robert Gorby, Global Head of SMB Propositions, AVG. “That is why it was especially important for us to join forces with SCORE. This partnership will enable businesses to safely and securely expand their reach through the power of the internet, and together, we will ensure small business owners nationwide will be armed with the necessary cyber security tools and resources to safely meet their business needs.”

“The AVG partnership helps SCORE provide cyber security resources and tools to small businesses that will enable them to protect themselves from security threats,” said Ken Yancey, CEO of SCORE.  “These cyber security workshops and e-guides will be a quick and easy way for entrepreneurs to gather information and take action.”


Since 1964, SCORE has helped more than 9 million aspiring entrepreneurs. Each year, SCORE provides small business mentoring and workshops to more than 375,000 new and growing small businesses. More than 13,000 business experts volunteer as mentors in 354 chapters serving local communities with entrepreneur education to help grow 1 million small businesses.

About AVG Technologies

AVG is a global security software maker protecting more than 110 million consumers and small businesses in 170 countries from the ever-growing incidence of Web threats, viruses, spam, cyber-scams and hackers on the Internet. AVG has nearly two decades of experience in combating cyber-crime and one of the most advanced laboratories for detecting, pre-empting and combating Web-borne threats from around the world. Its free, downloadable software allows novice users to have basic anti-virus protection and then easily upgrade to greater levels of safety and defense when they are ready. AVG has nearly 6,000 resellers, partners and distributors globally including Amazon.com, CNET, Ingram Micro, Play.com and Wal-Mart.

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