New Book Proposes Strategy For Businesses to Increase Profits

Daytona Beach, Florida (PRESS RELEASE – January 10, 2011) – Top Market Strategy: Target the Best and Ignore the Rest by Dr. Elizabeth Rush Kruger coaches managers and marketers in a new tool for dramatically increasing business profit.

Recently mathematicians confirmed the Pareto rule universally predicts that the top 20 percent of inputs will generate 80% of the outputs. Applying this law to profit, Kruger introduces the top market strategy and demonstrates how to implement this tool. She points out, “We are all created equal, but some prospects are more ‘equal’ than others. The top market strategy empowers a business to predict which prospects will generate 16 times more profit than others. Naturally when these new customers replace the least profitable 80 percent of its customers, a business will quadruple its profit from customers.”

“Books mention many applications of the Pareto rule but none apply to profit from customers,” says Kruger. “My book shows business leaders exactly how to capitalize on the Pareto rule.”

Kruger was driven to write Top Market Strategy by her desire to improve the global economy, one business at a time. She developed this tool to empower any business, regardless of size, industry, or location.

Top Market Strategy: Target the Best and Ignore the Rest is available for sale online at and other distribution channels.

About the Author

Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Rush Kruger is a widely recognized innovator in business analysis. Beginning with the University of Chicago in 1978, Kruger managed analytical projects for leading corporations in many industries. A decade later, she developed and sold analytical software in over forty countries. After extensive hands-on experience, Kruger taught thousands of students her practical insights about business, marketing research, international marketing, promotion, and marketing strategy. The Better Business Bureau has accredited her company, Strategic Power, and Kruger enjoys an active speaking and consulting practice.


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    The revised book is titled Top Market Strategy: Applying the 80/20 Rule. Business Expert Press published this new book to supplement marketing and strategy courses.

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