Newly Launched E-commerce Platform Gloople Finalist in Econsultancy Innovation Awards

United Kingdom (PRESS RELEASE – January 17, 2011) – Gloople has been selected as a finalist for the Innovation in E-Commerce Award by Econsultancy Innovation Awards. Winners will be announced on 17th January 2011.

Harness the power of social conversation and increase your social media ROI with Gloople, the UK’s first ever fully integrated ‘social shopping’ e-commerce platform.

With more retailers adding social shopping capabilities to their commercial offering every day make sure your business isn’t left behind.  Gloople provides a powerful and affordable e-commerce option for SME brands and retailers, enabling you to automate engagement with your consumers online.

Available to either licence or purchase with a range of customisable options for your business, Gloople allows consumers to make direct purchases from your brand’s embedded store without having to leave the comfort of their social networking ‘home’.  Links with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter communicate your online consumers’ purchase behaviour to their entire social community, sending your brand viral.

We already have applications such as American Express’ iPhone app Social Currency which allows users to show off purchases made on their AmEx card to their online community, but where is the brand control?  There is no direct brand to consumer communication here.  Gloople provides brands with a fully customisable online sales platform, from which to engage directly in commercial activity with their online fan base through controlled social media interaction.

By offering rewards and incentives in return for further online interaction with your brand using Gloople’s GroupBuy facility, your brand’s online community is no longer simply a fanbase, but an empowered salesforce, expanding with every ‘tweet and ‘like’.

Perpetual creatures of consumption, what we purchase is symbolic of who we are and when combined with the allure of social media, it is only natural that we would want to share our online purchasing behaviour with our peers.  We already broadcast our location to the world; with Gloople, we can now show off our latest purchases.

Other functionalities of Gloople such as the Social Hub provides online consumers with an arena to share purchase stories, advise and recommendations, promoting a sense community and conversation under the watchful eye of the brand.  Gloople also has full mobile functionality; with a unique mobile application complete with branded search capabilities and even a payment system, Gloople is fully equipped to meet the demands of the Smartphone user.

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