NYC Business Express Website Redesigned and New Features Announced

New York (PRESS RELEASE – January 3, 2011) – The Department of Small Business Services (SBS) has announced the release of several enhancements to NYC Business Express, the online source for information and applications businesses need to start, operate, and expand in New York City. The newly redesigned homepage makes it easier and faster for businesses to find information they need.

“We are excited to launch a new look and enhancements to NYC Business Express that will make it easier for businesses to start, operate and expand in New York City,” said Small Business Services Commissioner Walsh. “We are constantly looking for new and better ways to help businesses cut through red tape.  With our partners in more than 20 Agencies, we will continue to build out NYC Business Express with this goal in mind.”

NYC Business Express now provides additional information on business legal structure, space requirements, and expanded resources for all businesses. The NYC Business Express Wizard already provided customized information and step-by-step instructions for all sectors relevant to New York City, representing 99.9% of its businesses, and the ability to apply and pay online for 54 permits, licenses, and certifications from multiple Agencies.

New functionality on the website allows businesses more search options to locate, view, and pay for any violations they may have with the Environmental Control Board. Additionally, businesses that receive incentives from the Department of Finance can now check their benefit status online for the Commercial Expansion, Commercial Revitalization, and Industrial and Commercial Incentive Programs.

Since its inception, NYC Business Express has received 462,379 visits and 21,916 accounts have been registered.

About NYC Business Express

NYC Business Express is a one-stop website that enables business customers in New York City to access customized, up-to-date information and step-by-step instructions for meeting government requirements for starting, operating or expanding a business in New York City. You can now apply online for 54 licenses, permits and certifications, make payments and settle violations online, check statuses of property jobs, and learn about City, State and Federal incentive programs.

About the Department of Small Business Services

The Department of Small Business Services (SBS) makes it easier for businesses in New York City to start, operate, and expand by providing direct assistance to business owners, fostering neighborhood development in commercial districts, and linking employers to a skilled and qualified workforce.

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