Small Business News: The Management Game

Are you playing the management game? Managing your small business is one of the most important things you do as an entreprener, but make no mistake. This isn’t child’s play. Here are some resources to get you thinking.


Let your employees take at nap a work. What if someone showed you a way to increase overall productivity even if, in all other respects, it seems completely nuts. Well, before you start snickering and refuse to read any further, take a look at some of the data and perhaps you’ll realize it’s not such a crazy idea after all. UPrinting


Do your workers have a stake in your company? Watch this inspirational video about business leader and entrepreneur Jack Stack and a revolutionary method of entrepreneurship that not only opens the books for employees to see, but can transform your business and the people who work there for ever. What are you waiting for? Clutch Consulting LLC


Obama administration finally moving in a better direction? The announcement of a recent appointment is being applauded by some in the business community, but will a new chief of staff in the White House really have impact upon an economic policy that up until now has hardly seemed friendly to business? As we watch a new political management team take shape, what will it mean for small business in the U.S. The Ticket

New head named for the National Economic Council. Mainstream media is getting excited about “Small Business’s New Man in the White House” signaling a shift in the Obama administration’s economic policy. Gene Sterling has been described as the driving force behind a $30 billion small business and job bill aimed at loaning more money to small businesses. But with many small businesses more concerned about sluggish demand due to lower disposable income, we think the jury’s still out on whether the administration even knows where to begin. You’re The Boss


Stop worrying about the New Year. Denise Fay would like everyone to stop stressing out about the big changes they need to make in their businesses in the New Year, because the fact is, change ion your business can be made at any time. More importantly, Denise believes you should work to make any changes in your company as stress free as possible. You can change anytime and that’s a better approach. Tweak Your Biz

How creative are you in your business? We all know that business must be practical too. But come on, where do you think all that innovation comes from? Creativity was a huge part of how you created your business. Why shouldn’t it be part of how you run it too? We suspect this isn’t really something entrepreneurs need to learn. Just something they need to give themselves permission to do. Ability, Success, Growth


Is there a right way to fight at work? Unless your business is a one man show, it requires other people to operate and make it profitable. These people are, of course, human beings and will not always get along. When they do not, problems will inevitably arise. When managing people to build your business, you must learn to handle both the highs and the lows. Here’s an evaluation of how to handle one of the low parts.  The Harvard Review


Small businesses have created 57,000 new jobs. The numbers are for December, when records say small business contributed to plenty of hiring though few wages increased. It shouldn’t surprise anyone who manages a small business, that these companies will wind up the salvation of the economy. Let’s do all we can to support them! accountingweb


Who’s managing your paperwork? Organizing your paperwork and other files can be a major issue when managing your small business and can really damage your productivity. Having someone organize your stuff can really save you time and money. Enter a whole new kind of small business whose function is just that. Do you need someone to manage your small business information.  Los Angeles Times

New online service spots payment risks. Thinking about extending credit to a potential customer in order to keep them on or make that sale. A new online service creates an up-to-the-minute picture of the customer or client’s payment history to let you know whether the risk is justified. Wouldn’t you like to manage the risk of non-payment in your small business? Learn more today. Star Tribune

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    Thank you for the resources suggested by you. What you have suggested is right. Managing small business is not an easy task. The article will surely help people like us who are growing in small business and do better services for our clients.

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    Thanks for sharing the various resources, I particularly liked the point that strategy is not something you just do on new years but an on-going process, businesses need continuous analysis and improvements in order to stay ahead of competition. Your readership may find a similar article an interesting read.

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    A great list and some useful tips in here.
    I would also add in the management of that ever important “Cash flow!”. Without cash, the rest of it won’t happen no matter how hard we try 🙂
    Keeping an eye on the bank account is something that all businesses have to be doing and understanding what cash is coming in, what’s going out and making sure that there is going to be enough to pay the bills at all times!
    Thanks for sharing.