FranchiseProcess Launches Socially Engaged Lead Management Solution

Austin, Texas (PRESS RELEASE – February 11, 2011) – FranchiseProcess, LLC, a new entrant in the franchise industry, officially launched its socially engaged lead management solution. enables a franchise prospect to find and engage with desired franchise brands and brokers, and then create an online work environment to move through the entire purchase and onboarding process at their own pace. Franchisors use to review prospects and engage with the qualified, quality leads that will be most successful representing their brands. is a hosted solution built in a unique blend of the latest social networking advancements and the best lead management techniques. Together, this results in what FranchiseProcess calls Socially Engaged Lead Management, missing until now in the franchise industry. Response has been overwhelmingly positive from both franchise brands, and prospective owners. In fact, even before its public launch, FranchiseProcess has closed one of the top 50 largest franchise brands in the US, with over 2,500 outlets. More detail on this will be announced shortly.

For the Franchise Prospect

“Budding business owners have forever changed the way they seek information and engage in new business opportunities online”, says Tom Hochstatter, co-founder of FranchiseProcess. “These prospects are savvy and refuse to fill out online forms or take unsolicited phone calls from brokers. Launching a new business is serious and they want engagement with the franchisors and franchise brokers to be personal and relevant, like what they have become used to in social networking. They refuse to just be a name in some database hoping to get served.”

Mark and Monica von Waaden, own 11 Panera Bread Bakery-Cafes in the Houston area and recently opened their first Carl’s Jr. restaurant. They and business partner, Keith Isbell, have just launched a 36-unit area development effort with Carl’s Jr. Mark said, “When we first began researching franchising, there was very little truly insightful information online about particular franchise concepts and there was nothing close to what FranchiseProcess now offers.” He adds, “I wish I had something like this to guide me through the process my first time. I came from the legal profession prior to franchising and had to learn everything as I went along.”

For the Franchise Brand

The era of inexpensive and voluminous leads is rapidly ending. Pure lead generation portals are struggling to deliver qualified leads to franchise brokers and franchise brands even while the franchise industry is on a growth trend. Further, the franchise brands have modified their business models over the years to outsource this sales lead activity and are now struggling to find efficient and affordable alternatives. Socially engaged lead management is the natural answer; traditional tools are not.

FranchiseProcess customer and Vice President of Franchise Development for Money Mailer for nearly a decade, Dennis Jenkins comments, “Money Mailer continues on its growth trends for 2011 and we need to find scale points in our business. FranchiseProcess allows us to control our brand, our online content and our engagement with a Money Mailer prospect throughout their process. It is seamless and FranchiseProcess allows us to customize the process – which speeds our time to close significantly.”

Especially in franchising, it is critical to first have a savvy business owner candidate; next demonstrate they are willing to follow a model; and finally prove they have the resources to move forward. FranchiseProcess identifies these elements and delivers these quality leads to franchise brands and brokers. FranchiseProcess’s first release is a socially engaged lead management process solution, free to the franchise prospect to use for an unlimited number of business opportunities.

In addition, FranchiseProcess will:

  • continue to fill out its comprehensive and objective content areas with leading information on business ownership;
  • launch ratings and reviews for each franchise concept that it lists – bringing new levels transparency and engagement; and
  • include a social-networking styled directory of professional service providers that aim to serve these aspiring franchise business owners.

About FranchiseProcess offers a franchising business prospect or budding entrepreneur a socially engaged lead management destination to learn about business ownership; self-manage, and self-pace their due diligence process; and engage with franchisor brands, brokers, and service provider professionals on their own terms. Franchisor brands and brokers, in turn, receive highly qualified franchise candidates that are proving they can sustain a successful business by engaging with FranchiseProcess. Everyone within FranchiseProcess is or has been a business owner themselves and fully understands the needs of the aspiring business owner.

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