HubSpot Unveils Innovations for SMB Marketing

Cambridge, Massachusetts (PRESS RELEASE – February 2, 2011) – HubSpot, Inc. announced improvements to its inbound marketing software that will deliver more robust mobile and social experiences, enhanced email capabilities, and provide meaningful new marketing benchmarks. These new features are currently being rolled out to select users, and their announcement, accompanied by live demonstrations, was made by HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan at HubSpot’s Q1 Show-and-Tell event for customers and friends last Thursday, January 27 at HubSpot’s headquarters in Cambridge, MA.

According to November 2010 research from The Relevancy Group, 39% of consumers currently access one or more of their personal email accounts on a mobile device, meaning marketers must modify their strategies to include attention to the rise in mobile usage. Simultaneously, marketers must contend with the increasing popularity of social media as one of many channels to reach their target customers. HubSpot is delivering on developments to optimize all customers’ content and inbound marketing activities for modern consumption across every marketing channel — with special emphasis on mobile devices and social engagement — to amplify marketers’ reach.

“We’re experiencing a powerful shift toward mobile consumption, be it website, email or even social media content, and it’s very important for marketers to understand how this impacts their marketing campaigns,” said Halligan. “The enhancements we’re making to the HubSpot software will make it easy and worry-free for marketers to adapt their programs to accommodate all marketing channels in this mobile and social revolution, as well as effectively measure every step of the process.”

Specific developments in HubSpot’s marketing software include:

  • HubSpot’s Content Management System (CMS) will include mobile-ready templates to ensure optimal usability on any device.
  • HubSpot’s Email Management templates will be optimized for mobile consumption and social media reach, including relevant social media ‘follow me’ buttons in every email.
  • HubSpot’s Competitors report will provide new benchmarks to compare social media reach for Twitter and Facebook, as well as online conversion benchmarks to help marketers optimize their sales funnels.

“HubSpot’s tools are already an integral part of our marketing system, and they’ve revolutionized our approach to marketing,” said Matthew Smith, a HubSpot customer who attended the Q1 event and serves as VP corporate marketing at EquipNet. “Now HubSpot is creating new features to address our latest needs like social and mobile, and that’s very exciting.”

These enhancements, among others rolling out in spring 2011, will provide small and medium businesses with an arsenal of modern marketing tools that amplify their content and help them make smart decisions without the hassle or worry of underlying technical issues. Streamlined into a single marketing software package, HubSpot delivers easy to use inbound marketing tools fit for today’s entrepreneurs and marketers.

“I am thrilled that HubSpot continues to keep both its ears tuned to customer and partner needs, while at the same time improving, executing, and keeping us informed,” said HubSpot partner Carole Mahoney, president of Mahoney Internet Marketing who also attended the Q1 event. “For me and my clients, it is a breath of fresh air to have a software company design its product around the people who use it daily for their businesses.”

HubSpot is also offering free website evaluations for those interested in finding out if they are keeping pace with mobile and social innovation.

About HubSpot

HubSpot, Inc. provides Internet marketing software that helps businesses get found online, generate more inbound leads and convert a higher percentage of those leads into paying customers. HubSpot’s software platform includes tools that allow professional marketers and small business owners to manage search engine optimization, blogging and social media, as well as landing pages, lead intelligence and marketing analytics.

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