Jackrabbit.com Introduces 3 New Small Business Data Backup Packages

Poway, California (PRESS RELEASE – February 21, 2011) – Jackrabbit Microware, a nationwide provider of small business technology solutions, has introduced three new small business data backup packages on its website, Jackrabbit.com. Since its launch in 2009, Jackrabbit.com has become a resource for small businesses nationwide in need of reliable, business-grade, ready-to-use technology. The addition of these powerful data backup systems now makes it easy, convenient, and affordable for small businesses to protect their critical company and customer data.

Data backup and restoration is one of the most important, yet most often overlooked, aspects of business technology. Research has revealed that many small business people ignore the issue because, historically, selecting and integrating hardware and software components is too daunting and the result is usually unreliable. They do this knowing that accidental data deletion, a hardware failure, theft, or a natural disaster could be catastrophic. Now, by integrating sophisticated high-speed network-attached storage (NAS) and powerful business-grade backup software, Jackrabbit Microware provides fully integrated data backup and recovery solutions that are sized and priced for small businesses and that provide a fast, reliable, and ready-to-use answer to this important need.

Each of the small business data backup packages offered on Jackrabbit.com are built around a NETGEAR ReadyNAS Duo—a powerful, compact, and reliable two-bay NAS box. The ReadyNAS offers, among other important features, gigabit Ethernet, a redundant RAID array, email alerts, remote management, and a 3-year NETGEAR warranty. Jackrabbit Microware is a NETGEAR PowerShift Partner. The selected software component is based on disk imaging technology, which records a backup image of the entire contents of a computer’s hard drive. This software is extremely easy to configure and use, and it offers advanced features, such as remote management, scheduled backup jobs, and the ability to restore even a single file from a disk image backup.

Also included in each package are two 2GB high-speed Seagate hard drives that are installed in the NAS box and are setup for RAID redundancy; an external Seagate USB hard drive for an all-important off-site copy of the backups; a NETGEAR gigabit switch for high-speed connection to the network; and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) from CyberPower to protect the NAS box from power events.

According to Alex Lesberg, Vice-President and Senior Consultant at Jackrabbit Microware, “Our data backup packages make it simple for small businesses to backup and restore data. When the NAS box is connected to the network, any computer that has network access, including local and remote desktop and laptop computers and file servers, can easily and securely address it. The key to the whole system is the preparation and integration of the NAS box and the backup software,” continued Mr. Lesberg. “It’s a very stable platform that has is fully prepared for the customer’s use when it arrives at their door.”

About jackrabbit.com

Jackrabbit.com is a monthly on-line publication from Jackrabbit Microware, a San Diego, California-based technology consulting and integration company founded in 1982. The website caters to the essential technology needs of office-based and home-based businesses with 1 to 50 employees nationwide. It provides knowledge and insight to help them make informed buying decisions, and it offers them an array of complete, high-quality, fully configured, optimized, personalized, ready-to-use technology solutions for sale or lease.

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