Small Business News: Entrepreneurship Rallies

Entrepreneurship rallies again. Despite some recent challenges in the economy, there is no sign right now that entrepreneurship will be on the decline anytime soon. In fact, changes have opened more opportunities for entrepreneurs entering many different markets. Here’s a roundup especially for new entrepreneurs about the possibilities emerging.


Despite Ireland’s deep recession, economic resurgence is expected. Economic turmoil aside, Ireland may be set for recovery. This isn’t the first time either. At least once before this small country transformed itself from a largely agricultural to a successful high-tech economy. How was this feat accomplishment before and what might be the secret to Ireland’s recovery now? One word: entrepreneurship. Policy Forum Blog 

Afganistan also sees great growth with entrepreneurship. From an economically recovering nation to a war torn one, we look at how entrepreneurship is transforming even the heavily decimated nation of Afghanistan. No matter how great the devastation, here is another picture of how entrepreneurship can change everything. Policy Forum Blog

In The News

This week in entrepreneurship. Back in Washington D.C., entrepreneurship is also center stage with an agenda full of small business and entrepreneurship related issues this week. Here’s a link to a calendar of events. With all the events slated, some may certainly have a bearing on your business. Take a look! Policy Forum Blog


Another academic program in entrepreneurship is launched. Increased interest in entrepreneurship has included a growth in academic programs in the field. The latest announcement comes from Arkansas Baptist College which is launching a program specifically for the purpose of developing entrepreneurs to create businesses and serve “under served communities” thus combining a business and socially conscious agenda. Read more in the school’s official announcement. Today’

Stanford University Entrepreneurship Week under way. The event continues through March 2 and has included not only guest speakers with star power but also the opportunity for student start-up entrepreneurs to mix with investors and discover other resources for their ventures. These kinds of interactions have resulted in some major a-list start-ups in the past. All Things Digital


Women entrepreneurs build a new kind of business. Yes, female entrepreneurs are on the rise. But, guess what! They are inspired, at times, by a much different set of motivations than their male counterparts. And what are these motivations. Mainly to create a balance or lifestyle and entrepreneurship and thus to deliberately limit the growth of their ventures. The  rise of the female entrepreneur and the rise of the lifestyle entrepreneur have similar trajectories. The Christian Science Monitor

Is entrepreneurship the answer to layoffs? Some Minnesotans must have thought so as, by some reports, thousands have either borrowed money or spent their savings to start businesses after loosing full-time work to the recession. The state’s worker dislocation program even has some help with those interested. MPRNews


The shape of things to come. An collective sustainable incubator will provide space and resources for many small business under one roof. Could this be the shape of future business cooperation with collaboration among local businesses including sharing resources and cost. Check it out. SFGate


So what is entrepreneurship? Entrepreneur Tim Berry waxes poetic on this one and perhaps finds less of a definitive answer than some examples of what entrepreneurship might be. How important is it to have agreement on this? Probably not very. Entrepreneurs have always gone their own way. Why not in seeking a definition as well? Business Insider

Entrepreneurs under 21. If you’re not inspired by this list of y0ung entrepreneurs, we’re not sure what it will take. These young people are creating wondrous businesses, but that’s not all. Each has realized amazing possibilities at a very young age. Entrepreneurship knows no age limit, and you can catch that sense of wondrous possibilities any time. The key is to move ahead, no matter what the obstacle. EpicLaunch

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  1. Great article! using word of mouth marketing with your clients is also very important. Creating great customer service will create buzz around your brand- and therefore will turn into great customer/business relationships. Over at Aerofund, we are very supportive of the young entreprenuer!