33 Logo Design Services You Can Use Today

33 Logo Design Services You Can Use Today

As you build your company and website, you probably want to present something unique, something that is memorable about your company image. Many companies choose to create a logo to identify their brand and company. But often, creating an original logo when you are first starting out is too expensive.

So here are 33 logo creation applications or services that range in price from free to affordable. This list of free and paid services should help you find the best tools. One word of warning: Several of the “free” sites are free only for the creation process. Always read the fine print.

If you want to download the logo you’ve created and have unlimited use, there is a charge, and I tried to note when that occurs.  To be totally realistic, you could do some of this work yourself in Powerpoint or a decent drawing program, but there are small companies starting today that don’t have those software programs, and these mostly Web-based tools might appeal.

32 Logo Design Services You Can Use Today

Free (or Mostly Free)

Supalogo is one of my favorites for creating a super-fast font-based logo. You type in your text, pick some options and hit download. You can even look at samples and click edit and start from there. Nicely done.

Logo Victory is a completely free logo design tool that lets you download a jpeg image. If you want other file formats, they have a small upgrade charge. They also offer paid services starting at $49. This was one of the only sites that offered a no-strings free logo.

Marketsplash is a completely free (with registration) logo design service. I was impressed with it. It is built and run by HP, which I mention in other places, but this tool lets you download a few different versions of your logo with a simple registration.

The Logo Creator is free logo creation software. No trial, no demo, fully free in return for a tweet. Yes, a tweet on Twitter and you can have their software for free. From the logos showcased on the site, it looks like a fairly robust application. The offer was tested and worked at the time of publishing this post.

CoolText lets you type out your company name and then choose different ways to stylize the font itself. Handy, fast and free if all you want is your name with a bit of energy to it.

Logo Ease offers a fully free logo creation tool. You have to register, but they let you create and download (they send you the link) the logo that you spent time creating. When you get your download link, it comes with instructions to include a link back to their site. They also offer paid services.

LogoCraft lets you select an icon from predefined categories, then add text and effects. Once it is ready, save the logo or download it for future use. You can access the logos you created anytime and edit them further. Very easy to use. They also offer a custom design service starting at $49.

Flaming Text is similar to CoolText, but I liked a few of their different options. I could see using sites like these for a young company, a nonprofit or a project. For some companies, this is all they might ever need.

Real World Graphics offers a few Web apps to help you create icons or favicons (those tiny little symbols you often see on websites and in social networks).

Sherv.net offers Icon Maker, which can be ideal for those who are building a company around their personal name and identity. It will let you take your photo into a cartoon-like drawing. It  might work well for those building a Facebook page, too. Admittedly, this one is more of a fun creation tool and not a serious branding option.

Logo Snap is another service that appears to be mostly free, but they do ask for a donation. They run a fee-based service called Logo Design Guru with packages starting at $149.

LogoYes has one of the more sophisticated tools for building a logo on your own. Their logo file package is $69. Creation of the logo is free and they let you keep changing it until you’re satisfied, then go through the registration process.

LogoBlog is a free logo creator similar to CoolText and Flaming Text. No registration, just download your completed font logo in a few different formats.

GRSites offers logo creation, text box creation (such as for a sidebar or additional column area on your blog or site), and other design features like textures. They do ask for a link back to their site, but offer some nifty tools.

VistaPrint, the well known print company, has a free logo creation service when you use it on one of their products, such as a business card. However, it is only $24.99 (at full retail, often discounted) and you get four versions of it: color, black and white, vertical and horizontal.

Tweak offers a completely free logo creator for a low-resolution JPEG image file. If you want a higher resolution JPEG or an EPS file for a high quality print job, you can purchase them for $9.95 and $29.95, respectively. Fast and easy to create, focused on font specific layouts, and you have to register to get to the download page.


LogoWorks is a service of HP (yes, the computer giant). They spell out a very detailed process, which inspires confidence. Plus, they have customer feedback and ratings right alongside each package choice. They have designed over 45,000 logos; packages start at $299. HP also offers LogoMaker, a free logo creation service with an upgrade plan of $49. It is not the same as the custom effort you get with Logoworks, however. Info available here on LogoMaker.

AAA Logo is software you can  purchase and run on your desktop. You can start with a free trial or purchase for $49. Good examples page to give you ideas about what’s possible.

Free Logo Services states that your logo is free to create, but for unlimited use the cost is $39.  I wasn’t sure how this would work, so I tested it. I didn’t get far because the terms and conditions state: “You may use this Site to generate a Logo that you may review and edit at no cost. You will then be offered the opportunity, for a fee, to purchase a package (the “Logo Package”) which includes the right to copy and use the Logo for your business…”  The tools may be worth it for you to try out. Logos start at $39.  It shows BBB reliability and 100,000+ satisfied customers.

LogoDesign Studio offers a designer-centric approach; you click on each designer’s portfolio to get an idea of their style. Packages start at $69.97.

LogoSmartz is a desktop logo creator that lets you build a logo from scratch or from hundreds of pre-built templates. There is a free trial, then it costs $39.95. They also offer a custom design logo service starting at $99.

Macware LogoDesign Studio is a desktop logo design software for the Mac. The basic edition starts at $34.99.

MyLogoMaker from Avanquest has 2,100 logo templates, 9,100+ shapes and objects, and comes with a business card software as a bonus feature. It has a free download trial, sells for $29.95, and has a 90-day money back guarantee.

Logogenie has online design tools for creating a company logo by yourself in under 5 minutes. All you have to do is enter your company name, choose your icon and customize your logo with a variety of tools and styling effects.
The Standard Logo Pack starts at $24.90 and it includes high definition file formats (JPG, PNG, PDF) for creating business cards, your website, apparel, signs and more.

Logo Mojo (a division of Deluxe) has a starter package at $195 which includes six concepts, two rounds of changes, and a three-day turnaround. They offer other artwork services, too, including Twitter backgrounds and Facebook profile images.

Logo Design Team stands on its in-house design team, as opposed to a freelance team of people spread around the globe. They offer a $149 start price. I found it interesting that they have a “logo repair” service where they will update your existing logo, refreshing it to something modern and hip.

Infinity Logo Design does a good job of explaining how the logo design process works and what you can expect. Their packages start at $99 and include unlimited revisions on the two concepts they provide you. There is a 100 percent guarantee.

Logoinn has a super budget category for startups: only $45 for one logo concept, but only one revision.  Of course, they have a 100 percent guarantee, so you’re safe in giving it a try. The little asterisk next to this package shows you get your money back within 21 days, not instantly.

99 Designs has a unique approach to logo design.  They create a contest. You describe your requirements, and dozens of designers submit logo design concepts for you to review. You provide feedback (which I presume creates revisions), and then you choose and pay for the one you like the best. Starts at $295.

Business Logo stood out because they have a brief questionnaire after you select a paid package (starts at $99) so that they can understand your business and vision.  While several others asked for you to share details this way, theirs was quick and focused.

Keep us posted on which tools and apps you use by sharing them in the comments.

UPDATE: For a updated list, check out this article titled, “43 Small Business Logo Design Services.”

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TJ McCue TJ McCue served as Technology/Product Review Editor for Small Business Trends for many years and now contributes on 3D technologies. He is currently traveling the USA on the 3DRV roadtrip and writes at the Refine Digital blog.

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  1. I agree that many small businesses, especially start-ups, are cash strapped. However, I think using many of these options will only make the business look cheap and force them to take a step backward. I can’t imagine any business having a professional look using one of the free services mentioned. After all, who wants animated flaming text (a la 1994) as a logo?

    The paid do-it-yourself options are also a little concerning to me. Yes, you may pay only $29.95 for the software, but without understanding good design principles, you’re not going to be much better off.

    In a lot of ways, I compare this to doing your own taxes or filing your own legal documents. Yes, you can do it yourself and save a lot of money, but oftentimes, it will come back to bite you later.

    I think it’s important to invest in good branding. I’m not saying you have to spend thousands of dollars to do it. But even hiring a freelancer will give you a much more polished, professional and customized look than trying to use a free font generator. Although these tools will save you money initially, I think it will cost you in credibility.

    • Very well said Laura. A professional and creative logo add to a brands value. DIY should be avoid in this case as people with less or no knowledge about Photoshop,color combinations etc will screw the entire logo.

      The free options are always a big no as they look crappy and spoil the brand image.

      DIY applies to me as I’m a creative graphic designer.

    • Twitter logo cost $15.

    • I agree, cheap is not always cheerful, a business that uses a cheap logo subsequently gives the wrong impression to would be clients.. DIY and the cheaper options do not always pay off in the short term or the long term, your better off finding someone who does the job proficiently.. Any questions you may have or queries on logo designs are welcome at info@LogoBrandDesigns.comhttp://www.LogoBrandDesigns.com

  2. Well said, Laura.

    Let us not forget to protect the logo and brand with a federally registered trademark. It is important that the newly-created logo does not infringe on another’s intellectual property.


  3. Hi Laura
    Thank you for your detailed comment. I sincerely appreciate it and respect your right to that thought. I have done other posts along these lines and my same response will apply here — for many small businesses, some of these services are enough. Free or low-cost. I agree wholeheartedly on that some of these will make you look cheap, but some biz owners operate just fine looking cheap! Truly. I’m not being sarcastic and I’m not itching to pick a fight with you or any other branding / marketing consultant.

    Here’s the parallel — do you know that about 50% of small biz owners, small companies, do not have a website? That drives me nuts. What? No website? No Facebook page? No LinkedIn profile? But you know what? Many, many, are operating a profitable business on word-of-mouth, with no online presence and loving their biz life just fine. Some of them, I daresay, have a flaming text logo. And some day, they may find it embarrassing to look at and will change it. Growth happens. But in the meantime, if you have a choice between satisfying a customer, making a profit, or fretting about your logo; choose the first two.

    Like you could continue on why it does matter; I could continue on why it doesn’t matter. Why they should focus on serving customers and so forth. But I do want you to know that I agree with you — however my goal in these posts is to give people options, to have choices, and sometimes the cheapest fastest option is simply okay. I’m happy to continue this conversation by email or phone, or here, if that helps!

    P.S. Laura writes a great, thoughtful blog. Click on her name above and go get inspired!

  4. I agree that some of the free options may look cheap, but for people starting out on a shoestring, some of these sites may provide a good option. Bartering is another way to obtain a logo without spending money. Of course, that requires putting time and effort into finding someone willing to barter. Thanks for the great list!

  5. Nice post TJ. Thanks for all these useful resources.

    Though not listed on you article, Staples, Inc. used to provide a logo development service for $25. Customers would take their logo requirements to Staples, and the company would outsource your concept to a design team based on your specs. The design team would design it (several times over if necessary) until you approved of the final version. Staples would then provide you with a CD of the logo, as well as several hard copies on paper. I’ve had it done twice before. The first time I had it done I was very pleased with the results. The second time I had it done (for a different logo) I was not pleased with the results (Note: The designer of my first logo had resigned or no longer worked with Staples for some reason, so a new design company worked on my second logo. *Different Staples stores may outsource to different designers around the world, depending on the location). But $25 is a huge saving as compared to what a logo design can truly cost. Just an FYI for you or your readers.



  6. Thanks for the thoughtful response, TJ. Also, thanks for the kind words about my blog. I appreciate it!

    I think we likely agree more than we disagree here. My intent wasn’t to pick a fight, but merely offer another perspective.

    There are definitely two sides to this. I agree that some start-up businesses (wrongly) spend too much time and money tinkering with their logo instead of building a strong, viable business. Certainly, that always comes first.

    And, there are definitely some businesses that really don’t need to invest in a logo. For instance, my husband’s small three-person law firm doesn’t need a logo as much as perhaps a local coffee shop or a pet store.

    But, I do think that some businesses who go the cheap route will end up paying for it later, both in credibility and in the need to pay someone to do it later. I’ve seen this many times.

    All that said, I think some of the paid services you recommended are definitely viable options. Business Logo, Logo Design Team, LogoWorks and Infinity Logo Design really do look like some good, inexpensive options to consider. It’s mostly the quality of the free sites that rub me the wrong way. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

    p.s. I am writing a blog post about this very topic and some alternatives to these options (bartering is certainly one of them). If it’s acceptable to do so, I’ll be happy to share a link to my post once it’s on my blog.

  7. Thanks, TJ for sharing all of these great resources and appreciate the thoughtful comments from your readers.

    I would like to add one more to your list and that is crowdSPRING, the largest online marketplace for crowdsourcing creative design and writing. We launched in 2008 and already have a global creative community of 86,000+ and have hosted more than 20,000 small business projects, many of them logos.

    There are many benefits to using creative crowdsourcing that go beyond the fact it is affordable, a fast turnaround and an easy process, it also allows the buyer to determine a set-price so there is no going over budget.

    At least with crowdSPRING, as one example, payment is only awarded once a project is completed and deliverables approved. Plus, all intellectual property rights are transferred to the buyer and a custom contract is included. Our logos, which start at $200, have not only been created for small business but big companies such as LG, Phillips ELectronics, Starbucks, Livestrong and Barilla are also turning to creative crowdsourcing for everything from product development to print designs.

    We are also finding that our creative community is made up of many fascinating and talented designers ranging from the agency art director who enjoys having his/her own projects on the side, professionals who were laid off during the recession and looking to earn additional income, stay-at-home mom’s who enjoy designing while the kids sleep to truck drivers by day and designer by night to fulfill a passion. Many designers benefit from the collaborative approach that allows messages, feedback and ongoing revisions.

    On the creative side, the nice thing about sites like crowdSPRING, it makes time, title and location irrelevant. The truth is creativity can come from anywhere and just because the price is affordable, does not mean it’s the cheap route.

  8. Hi Laura
    Absolutely on the link. Please come back and share what you post and what you’ve learned about alternatives. I can’t catch them all and I’d love to see what you find and read your experience and perspective. One goal here at Small Business Trends is to provide valuable and useful resources for our readers.

  9. Thanks David on the heads-up about Staples. Didn’t realize that. I should have thought to check all the big box office supply houses.

  10. Crowd sourcing services like CrowdSpring and 99designs are good for people who simply want to fill space on their business cards, but for people who want serious branding, a brand identity professional is ideal. Plus the designs submitted to crowdsourcing sites frequently violate copyright and the low costs only attract amateurs seeking recognition.

  11. What a fabulous Resource.
    But some of Laura’s comments need consideration.
    Building a Business, be it on-line or off-line require
    similar steps.
    I always share a phrase with my clients,
    Don’t worry too much about getting it right, JUST GET IT GOING.
    I have seen people dwell way too long on style and let many
    opportunities sail on by

  12. There are no technical rules for designing logos. A good logo is onethat can easily be recorded in our memory and captures ourattention and that should be associated with the company vision.

    • Agree with this comment. Although I am not sure a free logo in 15 minutes is the right way to start your business with. If you want to do it then, setting up your brand identity and look is something you might need to budget for in advance.

  13. As a small business owner, you often don’t have the marketing budget to differentiate yourself through traditional advertising practices and mass exposure. However, your logo is hardly the place to skimp. Your logo is the face of your business. It’s the first impression people have of your company. It’s the foundation of your marketing and branding. Just like in an interview, you wouldn’t want your clothing to hurt your chances of getting a job. You don’t want your logo to hurt your chances of winning customer trust and consideration. With many free services, that’s exactly what you do. Consider trading your products or services with a professional graphic designer before you go the route of using different fonts as your logo from a cheap or free ‘design’ service. You’ll pay more in the long run by attracting cheap customers who are looking for a freebie. Remember, you attract what you put out there. Put a good logo out there to attract the right kind of customers who aren’t so price sensitive.

  14. TJ – As promised, here’s the link to the the post I wrote outlining some creative alternatives to getting professional design help without breaking the bank:

    I hope this is helpful for you and your readers!

  15. Thanks to everyone for the comments. Let me ask this: There’s a guy who cuts firewood near me. He has a good business and is profitable. He has two employees. He has no website (does he need one?). He has a business card. Does he need a logo? If he chooses to have one, how professional does it need to be? Does he attract a lower quality customer because he has no logo? He sells to waterfront homeowners every day with homes in the $500,000 to $1MM range. Do they make a decision to purchase wood based on logo appearance?

    Or, let me use a Landscaping service. You might expect that one would demand a fancy, elegant, clean logo. Maybe no logo is better than a “free” logo?

    I have other examples I’m happy to share and explore just how important a “high quality” brand and logo are to many small ventures. I want to test our assumptions. Sometimes they matter, sometimes they don’t. Where is that Almond Joy commercial?

  16. Hi TJ great post and great discussion. Since there was no answer to your question, I’ll take it.
    There’s a saying that comes to mind related to your question : “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” There’s probably a lot more that goes in to the “branding” of a log splitter (and any business for that matter), not just doing a good job and having good prices. What happens if someone is doing a comparable job and has similar prices ? Consumers will make decisions base on the way the business owner looks, the car/truck they drive to make deliveries, how they talk, how the employees look/act. In business everything counts. Always put your best foot forward and make the right impression.

    It could be argued that a person with a fanciful logo who cuts trees for a living could spend his money on better things like a new chainsaw, new boots or climbing spikes. If they have the benefit of little competition and little need to engage in marketing, then they may wish to spend their money on other business necessities.

    Ironically, we just finished a logo for a landscaping company. http://logo.com/blog/2011/03/new-customer-logo-design-earthtouch-lawn-landscaping/

    PS. I hope you can add Logo.com to your list on your next revision.

  17. Here is one that is surely free: MammothPixel.com/about/free-logo-designer

    Thanks, have a good one!

  18. Some of them are really good, such as Logo Works. Having said that, if you are looking for equally good options. You can visit my link for more on logo design resources.

    Thanks for sharing them TJ.

  19. Okay, i’ve commented elsewhere lately — and while i haven’t changed my mind on logos, I do want to state that most small businesses need a website. And they need it to be mobile-enabled. They need that more than a logo or a biz card or a brochure. You just need to be find-able. It isn’t that the yellow pages is completely dead, but the majority of your customers are probably using a computer or mobile device. With the rise of cheap tablets (think Kindle Fire), more households will search online. Get there.

  20. It’s not really logo design, but brandphoto.net makes a good job to make an existing logo unique… maybe the 34th service !

  21. Creating a logo using free or very cheap providers is a false economy! Your logo and identity if done well, will last for years, communicate your brand and give you the edge through one logo over most of your competitors.

  22. Hi Baz,
    thanks for writing. i’m not 100% sure if you’re saying don’t use a low cost logo provider or not. I’ve said in many places that it a good logo can add value, but it is not mission-critical. It can be for some businesses, like yours and other marketing types, that help people do logos. But Joe’s Firewood or John’s Tax Services that are hyper local and based on word of mouth can survive and thrive without a pretty logo. There’s really no debate here because you can find these folks in every corner of the globe with some homegrown, hand drawn, hokey image on the card or site and they’ve been doing just fine for years.

    All that said, I think its important. I think it can add value and keep people paying attention. I have a ton of friend’s in the design world who think I’m a fool and so be it, I very well might be! But when the rubber meets the road, I want new small business owners to spend money on what BRINGS in money and a logo/image is lower on my list because you can start out without it. Save the money and put it toward other revenue-producing activities. If you have the choice of starting a site with a simple text logo or a fancy one and your budget is tight, start the site without the fancy logo. Just start. Get moving. That’s my biggest point. The economy needs you, not your logo.

    • Agree it’s good sometimes to get out there, hit your market. It all depends on the business, their aims and how ultimately they see themselves progressing in the future.

      I think when you start thinking about setting up a business, you normally ask yourself about your potential audience, how you want to be perceived and often research competitors, if any, in your market.

      Why not put this initial research into a logo design from the get go, set your stall out from the start, communicate quickly with your audience and blow any competitors away in terms of your branding. I think it is the wisest investment any fledgling organisation can take.

      Thanks for your reply TJ. Great site!

  23. Well, I absolutely agree with Laura… for starters its is not always possible to spend huge for Logo. Some of these resources can make sensible alternatives, as they can save some dollars, which is very important. Although I can see there are some who talked against the idea of free logo designing, while a few talked or the idea. I think both the schools of thoughts are correct in their own sense. Free logo software will be of zeros value if your are not a creative person.

  24. Tj, that’s a good list here, but one should choose the best on the market: http://www.thelogolab.com


  25. This is a great conversation, I stumbled upon, although old. I think the key here is to realize that these are small business tools. Sites like LogoSnap can help you create something quick, easy, nice looking, and FREE. Perfect for that time when you need a logo for the yellowpages, a business card, or for the little league shirt you are sponsoring. Many small business have *nothing* for branding and are going great. Thanks for the resources TJ and thoughtful comments everyone.

  26. Also checkout http://www.imagebuilda.com, a recent new addition to the list.

  27. Cool list, I think that DIY tools like the ones mentioned have their place. If you have the money to pay $500 on a freelancer, definitely go for it but as an entrepreneur this is often not an option. I used the free service at graphicsprings.com which I don’t think is on the list. I’m actually quiet proud of how well my logo turned out.

  28. Not going to make a long comment about this (it really would take hours to explain it more thoroughly).
    But shortly – not investing in your logo design, is exactly the same, when buying a rolex watch from Chinese salesman.
    You feel like it’s awesome, your friends might feel like it’s awesome, even your co-workers might say it’s “cool”.
    But when you are trying to make new relationships. People will subliminally feel uncertain about you. And this is how you might loose some potential good friends.

    Just because you might not see the difference in logo design, does not mean that it’s not there.
    Designers will not spend years learning it, just to know how to match text with good looking drawings.

  29. Great composition TJ. Its good to see Logosmartz on your list as I am currently using it and its doing good.

  30. Agree Barney. Logosmartz is a great product especially for ones like me who don’t even know A,B,C of designing ;). However other names on the list sound effective as well. I am now used to Logosmartz but would surely love to compare it with others mentioned on the list.

  31. Opinions about logotypers.com ?

  32. Great composition!!

  33. This was very helpful…Thanks!

  34. Hi

    This was a great writeup. I still feel getting your logo designed by a professional adds a lot of weight to your business. Logos are your identity of whatever business you are in and they reflect your seriousness ,integrity and your commitment and promise to provide the best to your customers.Uniqueness is the keyword for a strong logo and logo softwares cannot promise to be unique as they have a set number of images which are used number of times by the users of such softwares.

  35. steven fkiefer

    I have seen quite positive response about Logosmartz here. However I am wondering whether Logosmartz supports logo designing on Mac as well?
    Any help would be appreciated?

  36. sammmy gracede

    Hey Steven!

    You can definitely go with Logo Smartz. I have used it and it is too good.

  37. Your post was exactly what I want, I will share it on my blog if you allow me to do that.

  38. Great article TJ. As an experienced web developer & graphics designer
    for more than a decade I’ve experienced this challenge with scores of small business owners.

    It’s definitely challenging at times. Especially when they come to me with what in all honestly are very sub-par and in many cases horrendous logos. As a professional I’m obliged to give them my honest evaluation. Lot’s of time it’s tough explaining to them that the Logo is simply not professional. I could of course spare them the truth but that’s not doing them a favor. After all it’s my responsibility to insure as best I can that they are set up for success. Unfortunately many small business owners simply don’t have the creative talent nor skills to pull off an exceptional logo. That’s an art that’s best left to professionals. Sure there are cases when what they bring me or suggest can be worked with. However more often than not the Logo is a miserable failure and if used would only detract from the professional image and brand that we’re attempting to convey.

    Just my professional opinion but if you want a “professionally” designed logo, one that adds value to the brand, you should be prepared to pay for it. Not all logo design professionals are elaborately expensive either. I almost always include professional logo design in the web project. Anyways great article.

  39. There are a lot of great Logo Creators in this article, but I think a lot of startups could benefit from LogoGarden. In my experience they are the best FREE DIY logo creator out there, and you can also make business cards t shirts and web design.

    [Edited by Editor]

  40. Do you have an updated list for 2013? I have spent time on sites where I think that the content is free but end up needing to pay to download my design.

    Thanks for your other articles too – very useful.

  41. Kindly update the list for 2013. We are an efficient team. Please analyze us and if you can add us to the list,It would be really great.

  42. My website ia all about free design logo. These logos are made in vector graphic which will still look their best even when you enlarge them a milion times. And oh, it’s free download 🙂

  43. Very informative. I own multiple online companies and 1 large business offline. The company I LOVEEEEE to use is BogoLogoz.com
    They offer buy one get one free logoz, have an INSANE portfolio and are VERY affordable. I have used them for EVERY one of my logos and will never use another company again.
    Plus, the guy who ones it provides AWESOME customer service. I don’t know if he’ll be cool with this (I am sure he will be though, because he is a very nice guy), But his skype is: BoGoLoGoZ
    You can bet your bottom dollor he will design you something AWESOME.

  44. This is really helpful. . . 🙂


  45. Great list of logo design sites. I would love to add to the list my affordable, small business logo design shop on Etsy.



  46. The list you provided is awesome but they are expensive as well. I got my logo designed from professionals at a fraction of a cost. It was around $35 for 2 concepts. The quality is never compromised.

    check out their portfolio and let me know what you think. They deserve a place in this list

  47. One site that I think should be included in this list is http://www.logoglo.com

    I used their services for a logo and business card, absolutely amazing customer service, and $120 for a logo and business card design ($90 for a logo) is a price you can’t beat. I got 6 initial designs, all at a very high quality, I could then have them work on a couple until I was happy. They are friendly, helpful and very easy to work with.

    I’m going to use them again for sure.

  48. Another site is http://www.bingologo.com you can find logo start $59 dollars, and for the social media you can buy a package in $149 usd with logo, and facebook and twitter timeline pics.

  49. You might want to add our website https://www.logosassociated.com to your list as well. We have complete more than a year and have successfully worked approximately 2000 projects till date.

  50. Just adding http://www.thefreelogomakers.com to the list. You can also make free logos on the website, no sign ups and no hoops to jump through.

  51. Nice collection. I like MyLogoMaker the most.

  52. Chandiattitude (@chandiattitude)

    Dear TJ McCue,
    I wants to make a logo designing WordPress website.
    Please Sir Can you suggest me, How can I make this type of website???????

    Sir TJ McCue ……I wait for your suggestion ASAP.

    With Warm Regards

  53. Its really a great collection. The Logo Creator the most but all the others are also great.

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