Avail Now Announces Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for Small Business

San Francisco (PRESS RELEASE – March 29, 2011) – Avail Now, a VMWare partner, announces their new virtual desktop infrastructure geared towards small to midsize sales departments using iPads instead of traditional laptops.  Upon the announcement of VMWare View for iPad, sales departments of all industries are exploring the idea of using the iPad as a virtual desktop to create a powerful selling tool.  VMWare View allows users to virtually connect to their PC through the iPad and gain access to all programs and files.  However, the infrastructure needed to connect the iPad to a PC is costly to recreate in a small business setting.  Avail Now allows businesses to lease a scalable backend infrastructure on a month to month basis eliminating the need for a capital outlay.

Virtual desktop on the iPad has the advantage of allowing users to carry a powerful PC without the hassle of a heavy, cumbersome laptop.  Sales departments recognize the need for a portable computer can be especially important for outside sales people who normally do not carry a laptop due to the portability issues.  The iPad allows sales people to access all the reports, data, presentations, and quotes from their computer in the office.  As well, the iPad does not require any boot time.  Therefore, the sales person can easily start the iPad when needing to generate a quote on the fly or use it as a handy presentation display.

Unlike past virtual desktop offerings for the iPad, the problem of lag and security are corrected.   By connecting to the PC via a VPN tunnel, the files being transferred from server to iPad are safe and secure for all industry standards, including healthcare.

“For a small to midsize business, creating the backend infrastructure needed to run the VMWare View for iPad may not be financially capable,” said Mike Sellai, CEO of Avail Now.  “We have tailored our virtual desktop offering to serve this emerging iPad for business market.”  Companies may rent the scalable virtual desktop infrastructure on a monthly basis.  If requirements change in the future, companies may add or reduce the number of virtual desktop systems as needed.

About Avail Now, Inc.

Avail Now is an infrastructure as a service company located in San Francisco, CA.  Avail Now services small to midsize businesses with scalable cloud solutions, including cloud hosted storage and servers, disaster recovery, virtual desktop infrastructure, and colocation.  Avail Now can be reached at 415-449-8910 or by visiting the website at http://www.avail-now.com/.  The CEO of Avail Now is available for comments and additional information.

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