Business Centric Services Group (BCSG) Enters the U.S. Market

Columbus, Ohio (PRESS RELEASE – March 10, 2011) –  Business Centric Services Group (BCSG), a leading provider of products for small business, has entered the U.S. marketplace. Known for their award-winning solutions distributed through European financial institutions, BCSG has tailored their services for the unique needs of U.S. based small businesses. With over 120,000 customers currently utilizing their products world-wide, BCSG can rightfully make claim that they have a deep understanding of small business needs.

BCSG works with financial institutions to help them solve challenges their customers face. The financial institutions benefit from distributing these solutions by differentiating their proposition, generating cross-sell opportunities, and helping them to acquire and retain business account relationships.

“The financial institutions we work with have generated significant returns by offering these value added services to their small business customers,” said John Davis, Managing Director of BCSG. “We are convinced that US based small businesses have very similar needs to those we have seen in Europe and we are enthused about entering the biggest market in the world.”

The first product built exclusively for the U.S. market is CreditHQ, this allows small business owners the ability to check who they are doing business with, monitor how risky their customers are and collect debts quickly and professionally. This cloud-based platform delivers levels of credit transparency and monitoring typically only available to large organizations. Customers can access CreditHQ to help with their cash-flow in these turbulent and economically challenging times.

“We’re very excited to bring our products to the U.S. and provide small businesses with many of the benefits which have only typically been available to large companies.” said Philip Payne, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing. “Small businesses are currently experiencing a tough economic climate and margins are tight. Our products are designed to offer solutions to some of these challenges and put them in a position to thrive in the future.”

Financial intuitions that would like more information about CreditHQ should contact BCSG at or call 302-536-9140.

About BCSG

Business Centric Services Group, currently creates and distributes value adding products and services to over 120,000 small businesses through financial institutions. BCSG products provide real, tangible solutions for small business to survive and succeed while simultaneously providing financial institutions with the opportunities to differentiate their proposition, enhance customer loyalty, and grow wallet share.

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