Infusionsoft Unveils New Capabilities to Capture, Qualify and Convert Leads

Phoenix, Arizona (PRESS RELEASE – March 21, 2011) – INFUSIONCON 2011- Infusionsoft, the leading provider of marketing automation software for small businesses, introduced the latest version of its web-based software at its annual user conference, InfusionCon. After months of extensive user research, design and development led by former Intuit software leader and VP of Product Management Richard Tripp, this product release helps users capture, qualify and convert leads faster and more efficiently than ever before. Users now can create and manage web forms and multi-channel marketing campaigns more quickly and easily through the use of templates and drag-and-drop builders.

More than 6,000 small businesses use Infusionsoft’s all-in-one marketing automation suite for its integrated CRM, email marketing, lead nurturing and e-commerce capabilities. Small businesses come to Infusionsoft because they have outgrown their basic email program or simple autoresponders. They grow weary of the time, money, effort and limited results that come with piecing together disparate systems for their marketing and sales. What they crave is the ability to both manage contacts and automatically nurture leads through targeted and personalized communications triggered by rich behavioral data and customer history. Infusionsoft delivers this by bringing all the pieces of marketing and sales into an all-in-one powerful solution designed specifically for small businesses [with under 25 employees].

The new features highlighted in this release include:

Web Lead Campaign Template

The new Web Lead Campaign Template provides a simple, assisted approach to creating campaigns that capture leads from a web form and add those contacts to an autoresponder email series that automatically reroutes them into “hot lead” or “nurture” email sequences based on the prospect’s individual behaviors (if they take action by clicking a link). The result: new users to Infusionsoft can be up and running quickly to generate qualified leads faster than ever before and existing users can focus more time on content creation and not set-up.

Web Form Builder

The new Web Form Builder enables a new user with minimal technical proficiency to easily create a great looking web form or landing page by using a simple drag and drop interface. Similar to the Infusionsoft Email Builder, the Web Form Builder gives users the option to add various field and design snippets to their web form.

Hosted Web Forms

Hosted Web Forms allow any Infusionsoft user to create and post a web form without requiring technical help from their webmaster or designer. In addition, users can now send a web form in a hyperlink (URL) that can be emailed or posted on social sites. Hosted web forms reflect the latest fields and data in the form from Infusionsoft without any additional setup or configuration.

Integrated Spam Scoring

Infusionsoft users now can improve the deliverability of their emails to recipients’ inboxes with the Spam Scoring tool that checks against Spam Assassin, one of the top spam filters, right from within Infusionsoft. Now users are armed with data that allows them to make better decisions to ensure their emails get through to more recipients.

Help Access via Chat from within Infusionsoft

For users who have quick questions and prefer a fast response without leaving their Infusionsoft application, our free Live Chat Support is now offered inside the Infusionsoft application.

Comments from Executives, Analysts, Users and Partners on the News:

Quote by: Clate Mask, CEO and Co-founder, Infusionsoft

“The marketing automation industry is heating up with aggressive fundraising and acquisitions at the mid-to-enterprise level. Infusionsoft is recognized as a market leader in the small business segment with a loyal customer base of more than 20,000 users. We’re committed to this segment of the category and to delivering the best, easiest-to-use product on the market that small businesses rely on to grow quickly, efficiently and profitably. This release is a testament to that commitment.”

Quote by: Richard Tripp, VP Product Management, Infusionsoft

“This release is a big milestone for Infusionsoft, a company that historically has provided software that small businesses love and can’t live without, but find difficult to deploy quickly and easily. Not anymore. This release makes campaign creation easy and fun for our users, resulting in better lead qualification and increased conversions. This is just a taste of what we are doing this year to make the product more intuitive so that the implementation process is quick and painless—meaning users see the benefits that our software provides to small businesses are experienced right out the gates.

Quote by: David Raab, Principal and Analyst, Raab Associates

“Small businesses can’t afford the inefficiency of different systems for different tasks.  Infusionsoft provides a tightly integrated system with a broad range of marketing and sales functions, plus the extensive support that small businesses need to set up and run advanced marketing programs.”

Quote by: Ramon Ray, Editor,

“The new user interface is beautiful. Infusionsoft is no longer for just the tech geeks.”

Quote by: Dave Lucca, partner at Rhoads Lucca Capital Management, Inc.

“Your latest announced improvements making great looking web forms and automating the creation of marketing funnels is amazing. This is the kind of stuff that makes Infusionsoft the best option for small businesses who want to be big businesses.”

Quote by: Jim Pallister, LifeSuccess Productions

“Great work. I really appreciate how you not only study what your customers are doing, but you actually use that information in a positive way. You listen, learn and apply.”

Quote by: Travis Campbell, owner, Marketing Professor, and a Certified Marketing Automation Consultant specializing in Infusionsoft implementation

“I believe the Web Lead Campaign Template has the potential to be the flagship product of Infusionsoft. This is, by far, the most compelling improvement Infusionsoft has ever introduced since I’ve been working with them.”

Quote by: Barbara Jones, Stellar Infusionsoft Coaching, and a Certified Marketing Automation Consultant specializing in Infusionsoft implementation

“My head is spinning with all of the updates. The new customizable web forms are going to make it tough for other vendors to compete with Infusionsoft. I get tired of hearing people raving about products that can’t do one tenth of what Infusionsoft can just because the other product makes pretty forms.”

About Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is the leader in marketing automation software for growing small businesses. Its web-based software combines a full-featured customer database (CRM) with powerful marketing automation, email marketing and e-commerce all in one system. It helps small businesses convert more leads, increase sales, save time and money through targeted marketing that automatically adapts to prospect and customer behavior. The privately held, three-time Inc. 500 company is based in Gilbert, Ariz. and is funded by Mohr Davidow Ventures and vSpring Capital.

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