Presents Enterprise Applications From a Business Perspective

Newark, Delaware (PRESS RELEASE – March 2, 2011) – inlevel announced the release of its redesigned website, aimed at business professionals who wish to find and buy enterprise applications using business issue descriptions.

Enterprise application acquisitions were mostly restricted to IT professionals for years. In present times, when software is accessible in cloud model and it does not require any internal IT infrastructure, business professionals who are not IT experts can have better, direct access to modern technology related to their job.

The inlevel founders, having a combined 20 years of experience in the enterprise software market, decided to build an Internet service which helps business professionals to be more active during the software selection process. inlevel has started a research project and has built and tested an Internet service prototype.

Finally released, the service is based on two major assumptions:

  1. Talk with Software Providers when Business Software Is Needed

Business professionals can read Web pages, white papers, references, and industry analyses, but to get to the appropriate                          conclusion, they need direct contact with software providers. This is because the situation of each customer is different, his                    needs are always specific to his business and expectations are unique. Even in a situation where a customer is looking for                          something generic like an “office suite” or “basic CRM,” his specific situation should be taken under consideration: what is the                    purpose of this software, who is going to use it, what objectives should be achieved, what infrastructure will be used, what kind             of support service is necessary, what are the security requirements, etc. When a software provider knows all these answers,                     there is a chance that he can provide the proper solutions. Conversation is a basic foundation.

2.  To Help Business Professionals Find the Software Providers They Want to Talk to, Software Should Be Presented in a Business                   Context

Looking for software, business professionals are often not happy with standard results delivered by popular search engines.                    Marketing and technical jargon and many artificial SEO-related materials make search results difficult to use, especially for non-            IT professionals. inlevel’s proposition is to make enterprise software better defined: the service allows software providers to                    add business parameters to their product descriptions and make them easy to find through an internal semantic search engine.              This way business professionals can get a list of software that potentially addresses their business issues, even when they do not            know what kind of software may be relevant.

Non-IT professionals play an important role during enterprise software selection. They are a huge, influential group. Business software is an important element of their workplace. They understand that active involvement in software-related issues is in their own interest and it helps them to deliver better business results. inlevel’s goal is to support them with tools, services and knowledge that allow business professionals to be successful with and because of software.

About inlevel

inlevel was founded in February 2010 to create a novel business software marketplace where applications are presented from a business perspective. inlevel wants to allow business professionals to easily discover software that addresses their business issues, even when they do not know what kind of software may be relevant.

inlevel allows for the discovery of business software using business concepts such as benefits, departments, functions, processes, industries or key performance indicators, selections based on peer opinions and actions, as well as to communication with vendors to confirm a match with business requirements. Instead of going through all the marketing babble and technical specifications, business software can be found based on expected business benefit, selected industry or whatever particular business process needs to be improved.

inlevel is designed primarily for business users who are not IT experts and who are looking for tools that may help in their work.

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