Knoodle Launches Cloud-Based Presentation, Training and E-Learning Platform for SMBs

Santa Clara, California (PRESS RELEASE – March 11, 2011) – Knoodle announced the availability of its hosted presentation, training and learning platform for small and mid-sized enterprises.  With Knoodle you can easily provide effective company pitches, training sessions or educational curriculum within a matter of minutes. Knoodle delivers the complexity of content creation and presentation software, enterprise-class Learning Management Systems (LMS), and testing and surveying tools, into a single, easy-to-use, drag and drop, cloud-based solution.  Now marketers, executives, instructors, trainers and teachers can focus on connecting, educating and engaging with their audiences in the way that best suits them.

Knoodle delivers:

  • Easy Content Creation in a Single or Dual Panel Display – Use existing assets such as video, audio, PowerPoint slides, images, etc., to create and deliver a multimedia presentation in either a single or dual panel display within minutes.
  • Portable Presentations – Export your Knoodle presentation so that it can be downloaded for viewing offline or on a mobile device.
  • Virtual Classrooms & Groups – Create an online learning environment for your viewers to promote interactivity between group members and provide access to additional materials.
  • Social Features – Engage with your audience through chat, comments, notes and annotations within each presentation or course.
  • Testing, Administration & Reporting Analytics – Know how effective your presentation or training is in real-time with built-in testing functionality as well as real-time analytics and reporting that track each trainee and course.


“A key part of helping startups is providing them with a G/SCORE that measures a company on the path to sustainability.  We score companies from around the world and use Knoodle so they can easily sync video and presentations together for a more effective pitch. We send these pitches to judges all around the world and it’s critical that we have a flexible tool that is easy to create, easy to deliver, and effective at letting audiences understand the entrepreneur and their innovation.” – Chris Shipley, CEO of Guidewire Group.

“Knoodle’s unique modular design and its ability to synchronize moving images with still images on two screens makes it an ideal learning management system for multimedia learning. Microsoft PowerPoint can be used for rapid authoring, and video and animations are becoming easier to produce as personal media technologies advance. Synching the two types of media in Knoodle is a cinch.” – Gary Woodill, Ed.D., Senior Analyst, Brandon Hall Group.


Founded in 2009, Knoodle is an SK Telecom Americas portfolio company. Knoodle brings the power of a Learning Management System (LMS) in a cloud-based, easy-to-use online platform designed for small and mid-size enterprises. With Knoodle, you can leverage PowerPoint, video and/or audio to deliver effective online training, corporate presentations, how-to’s, and certification programs in just a few minutes.  Knoodle requires no IT, no complex content creation and no heavy integration to provide effective online training for customers, partners and employees.  Our customers include Guidewire Group and UCSD.

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