Portent Interactive Launches PPC E-Books for Small Businesses

Seattle, Washington (PRESS RELEASE – March 30, 2011) – Elizabeth Marsten, Director of Search Marketing at Portent Interactive, a Seattle-based full service internet marketing company, has written two e-books on pay per click (PPC) advertising for small companies looking to increase their visibility and expand their business on the internet.

The two volumes cover the how-to and basics of PPC advertising, along with specific and simplistic direction on running a pay per click account. The aim of the books is to give a small business owner easy-to-understand instructions on PPC that you cannot find in any one online help center or FAQ forum.

“PPC platforms like Google Adwords can open the door of opportunity for you to grow your business, but they often don’t lay out a clear of path to take after you step through the doorway without a lot of trial and error,” says Marsten. “I wanted to use my experience to help other small business owners, to not only understand PPC, but effectively measure it and know what it takes to run an ad campaign without wasting money. This ebook establishes a process for business owners to follow and allows them to get off to a good start.”

Elizabeth Marsten started working for Portent Interactive in 2006. During her time working in the pay per click industry, she has refined her skills and used her expertise to successfully plan and manage dozens of paid search campaigns across a multitude of platforms. Elizabeth penned the PPC mini-book in Wiley Publishing’s All in One Web Marketing for Dummies. She is now the director of search marketing and a PPC expert at a nationally renowned internet marketing company.

“PPC is a very effective tool that helps small businesses grow,” Marsten continues. “You don’t need to have the most money to beat the competition; you just need to make smart decisions to get ahead in the game. That’s where these e-books come in.”

Both volumes are on sale for the combined price of $37. Consumers that decide they only want one book can do so for $23. Grow your business with pay per click advertising with the help of PPC for Your Small Business, Volumes I and II.

More about Portent Interactive

Portent Interactive is a Seattle-based full service internet marketing company. Founded in 1995, Portent has grown into one of the nation’s premier internet marketing firms, helping businesses in the realms of SEO (search engine optimization), paid search, copywriting, social media, web development, and more.

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