Small Business News: Evolution Revolution

Small business is the final frontier, always changing, always evolving. A new venture is always an adventure and the key to succeeding with an existing business is often to evolve and change with the times. Whether its the use of new technology or the exploration of new markets and new opportunities, small business is often about innovation, revolution and change. Here are some thoughts as you face change and flourish in your new business.


What’s your small business e-mail marketing sotfware. Choosing the right software for this important function can be tough for a startup small business, especially if you have no previous experience with these services. Here are some thoughts on choosing the best.

How much can you rely on the cloud? Cloud computing is another way for you to take your small business to the next level without the necessity of expensive technology upgrades. But larger more established firms have already started using this technology as well. What can their experience tell us of the pros and cons. Cloud Business Review


A whole new look at the leadership question. Alex St. John, president of CTO hi5 challenges conventional wisdom in this “30 Second MBA” and may just change what you think you know about small business and entrepreneurship. Is the world really that filled to brim with visionaries? Take another look. Fast Company

Transformational leadership can be about setting the right goals. Can leadership be simply about setting the goals that inspire others to follow. Indeed, it’s a bit more than that, but this post takes us through a rather unique model for leadership. Do you have the necessary skills? Transformational Leadership


What hot startups might mean to small business markets. What could three distinct fields in which startups are flourishing this year mean in terms of emerging opportunities for small businesses. Is your small business involved in any of these fields and how could you leverage your expertise to take advantage of the trends. WSJ

Giving Washington ideas. It’s our turn. The White house has been talking to small business people and entrepreneurs and plans to talk to more in an effort to figure out how to power startups and improve the U.S. economy. What’s your idea? What would you suggest? Make your voice heard. Fast Company


Fueling your exporting ambitions. When looking for new markets to explore and new directions in which to grow, exporting products and services makes a lot of sense. The problem can be finding the funding to make this expansion a reality. Bloomberg Businessweek

Are you taking enough tax deductions? Recent changes in the tax laws particularly added breaks granted to businesses during the recession have become so complicated that it is difficult (if not impossible) to stay on top of them all. How can you make sure you get the breaks you need to allow your business to grow? WSJ


Why the days of article marketing are probably numbered. Concentrate more on social media and less on article marketing, suggests Matt Cutts of Google in a video included with this post. Do you use article marketing as part of online marketing? What are your thoughts about the future of article marketing for the future of your business? iBlogZone

Don’t ignore your customers. Isn’t it hard to believe this post even has to be written? Customer service has changed a lot in recent years with heavier competition and the increased speed of communications online. The expectations of your customer have changed a lot too. Make the mistake of thinking they can’t go elsewhere at your own risk, and never let customer problems so unsolved. Game Changer

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  1. Great wrap up on current business events. Indeed, the online world has been noticing rapid changes and I believe it will continue to do so. It is very important that an online business owner, specially small ones, be constantly updated in order to adapt and continue to be on par with competition. Thanks for the mention BTW.

  2. I think cloud is the modern technology evolution. We are just now beginning to scratch the surface to what cloud computing can do. It can act as a backup, host, alert engine, and processing superpower.