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If you think social media is just for marketing your business, well, think again. We took a turn around some of the blogs we frequent this week and discovered another great reason to check out small business content from posts to Facebook and Twitter links to videos. There’s LOTS of information out there! From starting a collections business to mastering the art of product licensing to better ways and better resources to use in the world of social bookmarking sites and better ways to blog, we found an unbelievable volume of information, free information all for entrepreneurs just like you. If you aren’t using social media including social networks the blogosphere and video content to educate yourself as an entrepreneur, here’s just some of what you’re missing.


How to launch a debt collection business. Though we’re not in the habit of listing business opportunities, this post is a great example of the resources you can find in the blogosphere about other areas where you may want to expand an existing business. Researching information about existing and developing ventures on blogs and through social media is faster than it’s ever been with the steady flow of information making sure what you find is often the most recent data available. Big Money Web

Letting someone else take your idea to market. Has it ever occurred to you that marketing an idea doesn’t necessarily mean having all the resources in place yourself to produce, distribute, market and sell it yourself? Introducing the wonderful world of open innovation and licensing and new way for small businesses and entrepreneurs to get into the game with almost no upfront investment and minimal risk.

Everything you want or need to know about SEO. Stoney deGeyter talks about about the misconceptions here that many clients have when thy confront the world of Search Engine Optimization. How in the world do you know what you’re getting when you hire one of these firms to improve your performance online? This article and others may help you learn enough to communicate knowledgeably with your SEO consultant about what you need. Search Engine Guide

How To

Why use social bookmarking sites? Christine McCarthy insists it’s because of the many things people use social bookmarking sites for. Things like research, search, page rank and more. She even includes a big list of her favorite social bookmarking sites (including Thanks for the shout-out, Christine!) If you want to get attention for your site, Christine says, you won’t want to forget about these nifty little sites. ChristineBiz

How to blog…the right way. Like anything else in life and in business, blogging has to be done the right way. No, we’re not talking about the style or approach here so much as the commitment for what you do. Social media and advertising consultant Suzanne Vara talks about the key to blogging in a committed way the same way we should be running our business and living our life. Are you “going all in” in everything you do? kherize five


How to make networking really work for you. Of course, the reason so many small business people are online in the first place is to connect with others and expand their business. This may be a good reason as far as it goes, but the thing is that, like any other resource, small business owners and entrepreneurs need to be realistic about why and how they use it. If you’re confused or sure it isn’t working for you, try this first. International Business Times

Human Resources

How social media may also be a source of employment. Some businesses are hiring specifically to manage social media and these jobs can take many forms. Also, small businesses should educate themselves about the potential dangers of social media in terms of litigation and other problems and in terms of what can and cannot be discussed by employees on social media channels. ABC News


Social media and international trade. Not only can larger companies find the resources they need internationally to provide competitive products and services at a competitive price, but now small businesses can as well. Social media allows not just networking with potential clients and customers but an ability to locate and communicate with potential suppliers and business partners where ever in the world they may be. Pacific VA


Is being mobile all it’s cracked up to be? Seth Godin doesn’t think so. Here’s his little riff on why doing your best work on your iPhone is probably something that rarely ever happens. As social media expands the question becomes not just what kind of reach do you have but what environment is best for you? There is a lot of information at your disposal. The question becomes, under what conditions will you use it to get the best results? Seth Godin’s Blog

Customer Relations

Will social media help you “become the buyer?” Really Chris thinks this is important no matter what kind of product, service or business you’re marketing. It’s not enough to know what kind of buyer you want or what you want them to do. But it’s just possible that social media makes this process easier, allows you to listen in ways you could not before, let’s you know and empathise with your customers in whole new ways. How is social media helping you? Chris Brogan

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  1. Hi,

    I completely agree that social media is beyond marketing and provides excellent information on a variety of topics, there is constant learning involved if you’re new and willing to learn. Some of these links were very useful. Thanks for sharing!

    Riya Sam

  2. really nice content.The last point that you have mentioned is really worth practicing through Social Media.Most of the business already keeps a separate team altogether for customer relations over various Social Media Avenues.This can be a great way to listen to your customers and to resolve customer complaints as well.

  3. Great article and especially topical for small biz owners. Social media was crucial for me in keeping my book on Amazon’s top ten list for its category for two years.
    A book I recommend on SEO is SEO for Dummies by Peter Kent. It’s bottom line SEO strategies for busy entrepreneurs who don’t plan on doing SEO for anyone other than their own business.
    My students over at are hungry for social media resources without all the “unicorns and rainbows” as Dan Zarella likes to say. This will be a post I refer them to.

  4. You are right. Social Media allows individuals to provide valuable content to the world. It also allows individuals and companies to co-brand themselves with social media websites.