Small Business Opportunities Magazine Launches Redesigned Website

New York, New York (PRESS RELEASE – March 25, 2011) – The leading national newsstand publication on entrepreneurship, Small Business Opportunities, launched a newly designed website, announced the Associate Publisher Arlene Jaffee.

“We have had an online presence since 2000 to help startup entrepreneurs find resources and ideas to open their first businesses. Our web visitors, who already operate small businesses, have told us that our online how-to columns and interviews with successful business owners have helped them to fine-tune their strategies and marketing plans during these tough times,” said Jaffee.

Small Business Opportunities (SBO) and its sister publications, Start Your Own Business and Get Rich At Home have been how-to resource mainstays since 1988 with the launch of SBO.

“Small business owners have had a tough time weathering this up-and-down economy. And, for many of the millions of Americans who lost their jobs in the past two years, there are still too few viable employment options. Interest in starting a business has never been more popular than it is right now. We wanted to revamp our site to make it even more user-friendly and content rich to assist them in the process.”

“Our objective has always been to demystify entrepreneurship for our readers and our new site contains more resources, tips, links, trends, and information on franchise and business opportunities than ever before,” said Jaffee.

“The newly designed website provides our advertisers with even more opportunity to reach their target audience—consumers who are looking to purchase biz opps, as well as find information on tech products, web strategies, books, how-to manuals and turnkey packages,” added the Associate Publisher.

The site is determined to offer maximum amounts of information in minimal quick bites, with a wide variety of resources to direct visitors to organizations and companies where they can find additional information. The site is more interactive, and offers daily and weekly updates on trends, trade shows, new products and services of interest to entrepreneurs. “We will also be able to incorporate stories and features to reach our rapidly expanding global audience,” said Jaffee.

Visitors who sign up for the SBO newsletter can win free current bestselling business books to be awarded on a weekly basis. The magazine is also tweeting @sbomag on twitter and you can ‘Like’ SBO on facebook at smallbusinessopportunities.

“More than ever, small business is still the backbone of our economy. We are honored to be a part of the process,” said Jaffee.

Small Business Opportunities, Start Your Own Business, and Get Rich At Home are published by Harris Publications, Inc. 1115 Broadway, New York, NY 10010. The consumer magazines are national in the United States, Canada and Australia and are also sold in 40 countries via English-language bookstores and on newsstands in major hotels and airports.

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  1. I have always enjoyed Small Business Opportunities Magazine. Without a doubt, it is a vital resource for people wanting to start a business and a powerful resource for advertisers as well!

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