Wishpond Launches Merchant Offering for Online Marketing Activity Management

San Francisco, California (PRESS RELEASE – March 21, 2011) – Local retailers have always struggled against the marketing power of the big-box giants. And now, that gap is widening with savvy retailers leveraging online and social media channels to drive in-store foot traffic.  Unfortunately, most retailers lack the necessary funds, time, technical and marketing savvy to effectively market their business online. With the launch of Wishpond’s Merchant Offering, retailers have a fast, easy and affordable way to create and manage their online marketing activities across all channels including Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Wishpond gives local retailers a single place to manage all of their online marketing initiatives. Merchants simply provide Wishpond with basic information about their store and ad campaigns and Wishpond creates and manages the Google Ads for them without any technical or marketing know-how needed.

Merchants can also:

  • Add their inventory and promote all of their products and deals online, on social networks and channels (Facebook, Twitter) and mobile applications.
  • Quickly and easily create a Facebook storefront where they can upload their product inventory and create store promotions.
  • Create a promotion once and have it instantly appear on online ad platforms (e.g. Google Adwords), Facebook, Twitter, Wishpond.com,mobile applications that use Wishpond data, and Wishpond publisher partners.
  • Track their advertising effectiveness and get real-time insight on the performance of all of their marketing initiatives in a single place.
  • Cost effectively gain customers insight and engage them in an ongoing basis.
  • Have multiple options to upload their inventory, including CSV batch upload, website crawling and Point-of-Sale integration.

The new Merchant Offering leverages the Wishpond local search platform and Wishpond’s growing network of partners including local directories, ad platforms, and mobile apps.  By bringing together these channels with Facebook, Google, and Twitter, merchant’s products and promotions can instantly be seen by millions on all the platforms they need to be without any additional work by them.

Wishpond offers free and paid versions.

About Wishpond

Wishpond is a local search and advertising platform which connects online consumers with brick and mortar merchants through web, mobile and social media. Consumers find the best prices on over 5.5 million products from 1500 retailers near them. At the same time, merchants attract and retain local customers through the platform.  Wishpond’s self-service interface gives merchants a single place to create promotions and showcase their entire inventory on Google, Facebook, Twitter and the Wishpond Publisher network. Additionally, partners grow revenues, increase traffic and add local relevance to their own offering with Wishpond’s open APIs.


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  1. Thanks for the exposure! Your personal touch on the press release is much appreciated!

    Nick Steeves
    Community Manager

  2. Definately not fast. It has been 9 days since I started with wishpond and they are hard to get ahold of either by email or phone. It was supposed to be complete within 1 to 3 days after 5 days I finally got ahold of someone and they told me my website couldnt be crawled so I had to do a csv file which I did and now there is a problem with that. I sent a copy to have it checked 3 days ago and still havent heard a thing and having almost the same amount of problems getting a response from anyone.

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